It's a Barbie World.

Here’s someone we, and the MSM keep talking about in connection with future South Dakota political races.

Happy Birthday to Barb Everist who was born on July 6 in 1949. Lots of honors have been thrown her way for her legislative work: Majority Whip 1997-1998, LRC Executive Board member 1997-1998, Assistant Majority Leader 1999-2000, and Majority Leader from 2001-2002. Barb happened to have been the 1st woman in South Dakota History to be elected Majority Leader.

On the way to the Senate, this native of Sioux Falls, SD started her career as a graduate of Lincoln High School. She attended the University of Santa Clara where she earned a degree in psychology. Upon completion of her undergraduate work, she entered graduate school and took Montessori training at the California Polytechnic State University.

After teaching and working as a newspaper reporter, she attended The University of South Dakota School of Law where she was an editor of the Law Review and completed her Juris Doctorate degree. After serving as a law clerk for the South Dakota Second Circuit, she joined the legal firm of Danforth, Meierhenry and Everist.

Most recently, Barb has been appointed by Governor Rounds to the South Dakota State Board of Education.

A background in psych, education, media, and law. If Barb decided to give it a go, I think Stephanie or Tim would find her quite formidable.

Barb, best wishes and happy birthday from the South Dakota War College Weblog.


Anonymous said…
Your kidding yourself. As much as I like Barb personally she does not have what it takes to knock off an incumbent. She would need an open seat and even then the Republicans would probably never nominate her.

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