This weekend in South Dakota Politics (July 9-10)

Marion Gay Wofford was born today (7/9) back in 1925. Marion was a 10 year legislator from 1979 to 1988. She was a nice lady who was as conservative as they come.

She was kind of an interesting character, in that she seemed to be part of the first wave of modern conservative evangelical Republicans in the legislature, a few of whom got swept out of office that year. They've come back strongly since. Ed Glassgow, whom I would also consider in that category, was also swept out that year by current SDDP Chair Judy Olson.

Marion got caught up in a little controversy while she was in office for attending some conferences sponsored by the Unification Church. The SDDP took issue with it and the battle lines were drawn.

Both Marion and Ed are still around, although not involved much with the party much anymore. Birthday wishes to a former Republican legislator from the SD War College.


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