Aw Mom, Constitutional Amendments for dinner again?

Coming on the heels of S.T.O.P., J.A.I.L. & Gerry Lange’s failed Corporate Income Tax Constitutional Amendment, according to Bob Mercer, the South Dakota Retailers are going to bring one of their own.

But it’s not on taxes, it’s on State Government competing with private business.

Apparently they are working with State Senator Lee Schoenbeck on a measure to get government out of several businesses and to prevent them from starting new ones that compete with Main Street.

Why do the retailers have a roblem with this? Here's just a glimpse according to the article, appearing in the Mitchell Daily Republic, the Watertown Public Opinion, and other papers carrying the “always excellent Bob Mercer articles”:
There are numerous instances of municipal governments engaging in business activities, from providing electricity and telephone services to operating bars and liquor stores. The retailers have sparred with the Game, Fish and Parks Department during the past few years over GFP's sale of hunting and fishing licenses over the Internet.

“They're getting into more and more and more businesses. It's pretty hard for private enterprise to compete with a government entity,” said Jerry Wheeler, the retailers executive director.

“It will be very controversial. It may not pass. But it may start a discussion,” he said.
Read it all here at the Watertown Public Opinion (subscription required).

If they can get the legislature to agree to it, it would be on the ballot this fall with the Definition of Marriage constitutional amendment, the STOP amendment and the JAIL Amendment.

Gerry Lange HAS noted he’s going to try the same tactic with the Corporate Income Tax, where he's going to attempt to get the legislature to add it to the measures being voted of this fall..

But I’m not holding my breath too long for that one.


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