Dems are showing signs of life

I’m starting to get more reports from the field on candidates. Allegedly, Democrats in District 30 not only have a full slate of legislative candidates, but reports in the last two week indicate that they might even have a legislative primary.

This report comes just on the heels of their second statewide contender (Steve Kolbeck for PUC, with the first being Volesky for Governor).

In addition to this report of having a full legislative slate for the district, I’m hearing they are going to drag up an incident from a decade or more ago in hopes that it will prove to be a silver bullet for one of their opponents.

I’m not in a position to disclose it here, because I haven’t researched it myself. It’s the first I had heard of the issue, and I keep my ear pretty close to the ground. It’s nothing you’re going to find in the paper. But suffice it to say it could be terminally damaging to the Republican candidate they are targeting. Or it could possibly blow up in the Democrat’s faces.

That’s the problem with silver bullet issues
, a topic I've written on before. You never know when they could misfire and cost you a couple fingers.


Reifelman said…
The Republicans need to find a candidate for District 30, because the "Silver Bullet" is the silver bullet and it is probably true. Maybe Dan Larsen, the husband of Custer County Register of Deed Frances Larsen would consider running.

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