A little humor for post #400

NEWSFLASH - In response to criticism over crackerbarrel comments "that pregnant cows were worth more than the non-pregnant variety," State Representative Gordon Howie holds meeting to discuss women's issues.

Yes, I know he's a fellow Republican, but if we can't poke fun at ourselves, who can we poke fun at?

You know, when I'm on the long drive back from Brookings on Sunday afternoons, I tend to listen to a lot of comedy on my XM radio to pass the time. And by the time I'm back in Pierre, I'm pretty punchy from the three hour drive.

So when I finally slump in my chair to do some sunday evening blogging, what's on my mind is humor first and politics second.

And after the Gordon Howie Blogmore post, (which will be accompanied by the Rapid City Journal Celeste Calvitto story on Tuesday) this was what came to mind....

Wow! this is my 400th post. I also note that this last week I passed 25,000 individual web log visits, and 51,000 page views. Whether you agree with me or not, love me or give me hell, thanks for reading!


Anonymous said…
Glad to see that Howie is "pulling for women!"
jrl said…
Clearly, he's taking the pregnant cow issue out of the debate. (It's now de-calfinated).

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