Another update to the candidate list... already

Good gosh - I noticed I left one off, and in that time a couple more popped up.
Samantha Stormo Republican for the District 6 House Race
(In several papers a couple weeks back)
Jim Holbeck Republican for the District 6 House Race
(today's Clark Co. paper)
Manny Steele Republican for the District 12 House Race
Brian A. Roth Republican for the District 12 House Race
Gregory R. Allis Republican for the District 15 House Race
Kent Juhnke Republican for the NEW District 21 House Race
Ted Klaudt Republican for the District 28 Senate Race
(Unofficially announced today in his Legislative Column.)
Maurice LaRue Republican for the District 29 House Race
Rick Hanson Democrat for District 30 House Race
(Just got it in the e-mail)
Karen Ballert Independent for the District 31 Senate Race
Dennis Schmidt Republican for District 33 Senate Race
Mark Kirkeby Republican for the District 35 House Race
Lyle Hendrickson Republican for the District 35 House Race
Add to that list speculation in today's editorial for the Grant County Review that Larry Diedrich will run for his old Senate Seat against Democratic Senator Jim Peterson. The Editorial noted that he certainly looks fit, healthy, and very much like a candidate.

I'd love the scoop on this. Maybe someone with an inside track can give us a hint? (How about it Jackie?)

....And in the time it took me to type this, the Custer County Auditor just sent me a note indicating "Rick Hanson took out a petition this week for state representative for District 30 as a Democratic candidate."

You'll notice he's added to the list as well.


Anonymous said…
PP – I’m curious about your opinion. Why would Larry Diedrich run for his old senate seat? If he wants to take another shot at higher office (which I hope he does), why would he risk a tough race for the state senate? Wouldn’t it make more sense to continue lobbing for some populist causes instead of running a race in which he is no shoe-in? If he loses that race, he is done. I don’t know if it is worth the risk.
Anonymous said…
BWA HAHAAHAA! Your Ted Klaudt is a fat dirty pedopig, caught red-handed!

Typical repug "family values".

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