A sneak peek on the Educational Alliance's plan to increase educational funding. With examples.

It may not be the golden ticket, but an anonymous reader has sent me - what I'm told is - a copy of the Educational Alliance's draft proposal that they will be presenting to the legislature to attempt to get more money for education from state government.

Just click on the image for the full image view.

(And if it still looks small, your browswer is re-sizing it to fit. Click in the lower right hand corner to expand it once it's done loading)

As you'll see below, this is some of the projections from their scheme and how they hope to attempt to boost state aid to education.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.


Anonymous said…
Does anyone have an explanation of these two for the average Jane Blow like me? My better half, who has worked with finance forever, doesn't understand it either. Sounds like they want to use the property tax reduction fund, but in the bottom chart it looks like it is supposed to increase to $800M even while being used to increase education funding. PLEASE explain, someone! Thank you.
PP said…
It's all greek to me. Supposedly there's a sales tax increase in there somewhere as well.

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