Big Hat Tip to Chris - I think we have a new SDWC t-shirt

A Big hat tip to my buddy and former college roommate Chris. He just got back from vacation and saw my post on how I had a mental block over a theme for the next t-shirt. Apparently he spent too much time on vacation watching cartoons, because he saw the elephant rearing back, and thought of the mouse theme.
I love it. It captures the essence of why I'm involved in politics. And a lot of why I'm blogging about politics.

Because I believe one person can make a difference. And maybe, just maybe, if the stars are aligned correctly, and God smiles on you for a moment - one person can change the world.

Or at the very least, make the elephant think about where it's going to step next.

Now I just have to go into production. (I'm thinking white on a biker black t-shirt.)


Anonymous said…
Yer an idiot. Everyone knows it.
PP said…
Maybe. But as of midnight, I topped out at 7500 visits (14,000+ page views).

And Anon, "yer" one of them.

I forget the author, but I believe there was a politician who once said "The press can call me a son of a bitch as long as they spell my name right."
mhs said…
big phant get big air. . . way cool. Shouldn't the mouse be a little donkey, though?
Anonymous said…
I kinda agree with mhs. The shirt kinda denigrates the people you support. Don't make much sense. I suppose Epp could make a shirt like this - but then you would make a shirt with the mouse under an elephant's foot. And a mouse under a donkey? - that's not logical either.

I guess I don't do t-shirts - I have a box of old political t-shirts and they just take up space.

How about a classroom with lots of little elephants all sitting and a big GOP elephant teaching them? And a caption ... SD War College. I can't draw - so you have to do it. That'd be a better shirt.
Anonymous said…
The whole concept of the blogger as the little guy... the mouse on the T-shirt, making a difference.

PP isn't a donkey, nor in SD does the donkey make the 'phant jump with a few notable exceptions.

It's a keeper!
Douglas said…
Lots better than the previous version, but reminds me of an old dirty joke involving an elephant and a mouse and I can't remember it.

Just as well, actually.

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