May the Schwartz be with you. (but moderately)

(hat tip to SD Watch)
, has now joined the SD Blogosphere with a weblog. According to Network Solutions, the website is registered to Robert Schwartz of Canistota who has now joined the other Republican bloggers out there including myself.

A self described moderate, TBOSD had this to say about his philosophy:
My definition of a moderate is someone that believes that what is best for our country is somewhere in between the hard liners of both parties, hence the term moderate. I have no problems calling out Republican views that go too far just as easily as I would a Democratic view but I also will have no problem praising a Democratic policy or politician if it is what I believe to be best for our country.
While philospohically I'm probably to the to the right of TBOSD, I'd like to welcome him to the blogosphere. I'll even get his RSS feed added in the next day or so.


BobS said…
"Spaceball" references aside, thanks for the nice welcome to the SD blogosphere. Hopefully I can live up to the reputation that you and the other fine South Dakota bloggers have earned.

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