A thought from J-Ro on the current state of the SDGOP

Joel Rosenthal over at SD Straight Talk happens to have been a long time South Dakota GOP chair, so I was interested to see what he had to say about the whole Volesky thing. But as I was reading it, what caught my eye was a little comment he had in reference to the State GOP:
Perhaps the deeper question is are the Democrats preparing to engage the Republicans this year at all. Will they be filling Legislative and Constitutional Officer positions on the ballot? Despite the fact that Howard Dean has added staff to their State Party Office and they have established a publicity machine in the past few months (Their website, podcasts, the existence of a somewhat coordinated legislative strategy have been better that the Republicans) (- my emphasis pp) the question is whether their public protestations will provide any results. We will have the first answers when we see the Democrat success in filings on April 4th.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Joel who?

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