I hope they scrub the House Chamber. Really well.

As reported in the Rapid City Journal, when Tom Hennies was recently hospitalized here in Pierre, he didn't just have the flu. He joined the ranks of the Legionnaires.
Rep. Tom Hennies, R-Rapid City, said Tuesday he might have Legionnaires’ disease but that he is “feeling good.” Hennies made the comment during a speech on the floor of the state House of Representatives. He was reflecting on his eight years in office, which end with this session because of term limits.

Hennies, who was hospitalized last week with pneumonia, asked for a test for Legionnaires’, which is a type of pneumonia. It came back positive, and he is being treated with antibiotics while awaiting results of further tests from the state Department of Health.

If he does have Legionnaires’, Hennies believes it stems from a humidifier he has in his Pierre motel room and not from Rapid City, where an outbreak of the disease occurred last year. Nineteen people became sick, and one person died.

“The humidifier was full of mold and was probably shooting spores into the air,” Hennies said.
Read it all here. And then go clean out your humidifiers. (Bleaugh!)


Anonymous said…
Hennies is such an opportunist. Of course he had to say on the House floor that he had this disease. Pathetic.
Anonymous said…
according to the Assoc Press, hennies knew that it was his own humidifier. How was he so sure? did he infect anyone else? And he saw mold on it before he went to Pierre and he still didn't clean it out? Good grief.

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