Sioux Falls PAC Attack

The Argus Leader is reporting that the City of Sioux Falls is a little grumbly about Political Action Committees not filing the proper paperwork for contributions made to city Candidates. From the article:
Candidates who received money from PACs and the people who run the committees say they were unaware of the city's reporting requirement.

Council member Darrin Smith, who is running for mayor, received contributions from two Sioux Falls PACs, the Northern Plains Leadership Committee and the Dakota Leadership Committee.

The contributions totalled $8,000.

Smith read the city's ordinance Wednesday and concluded "there is no question" that PACs are required to report their activities with the city.

"I don't know how it's been missed," Smith said. "It's pretty clear."

Bret Healy, the former director of the South Dakota Democratic Party, organized both of the PACs that contributed to Smith's campaign.

They were organized earlier this year.

"I just wasn't aware of the city requirement," he said.

Healy said he would file the appropriate paperwork with the city by next week.

Contributors to the PACs are Healy and two Sioux Falls lawyers, he said.

State Rep. Casey Murschel, who received $5,000 from the All South Dakota PAC, which is based in Rapid City, also said she was unaware that committees are required to file with the city.

"I did not know the city's reporting requirement for PACs," she said. "I missed that one."

The All South Dakota PAC reported one contributor in its end-of-year 2005 report with the South Dakota Secretary of State. That contributor was state Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City, who contributed $7,000 to the PAC.

Of that, $2,000 went to Sioux Falls City Council candidate David Volk in December, according to Secretary of State reports.

The PAC made its contribution to Murschel earlier this year.

Kati Jenkins of Rapid City oversees the All South Dakota PAC.

"The administrator of this little old PAC is me, and I had no idea about Sioux Falls' local ordinance," she said.

Richard Gregerson, a Sioux Falls lawyer who oversees the Second Century PAC, also was unaware of the city's law.

The PAC donated $1,000 to Mayor Dave Munson in December.
Read all of Johnathan Ellis' article here. In addition to all of this, it was reported that the city considers this a PAC issue and not a candidate issue.


Douglas said…
When it costs just a few cents to burn data to a CD or DVD, it is time city's, states, made all the laws, ordinances, administratitive regulations, etc available to any SD citizen for about $1.00 including the postage.

Time the rules the bureacrats think we should all obey are brought out into affordable daylight.

While we are dreaming, every law or whatever that requires filing a form should have available from the Sec. of State or some similar public area copies of the forms and detailed instructions for completing them properly.

Un-robe the data.
Anonymous said…
I hope you dig a little further. Darrin Smith said initially that he received money from this PAC because it supports "young people". Turns out it is a Democrat PAC. Why are the Dems spending so much money on Darrin Smith? I hope you expose this deal.

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