New SD Blogger on the scene

Add Robbinsdale Radical to your Democratic blog rolls. Located at it looks like he started his blog shortly after the ban on abortion vote passed.

While he's from the other side of the aisle, we welcome him to the blogosphere.

And it does illustrate a point I've made before. Conservative bloggers continue to fall behind in South Dakota after SDP and Sibby (among others) put the pressure on in 2004 for the media to tell both sides of the story in the Daschle/Thune race. As the Dem's were 'served' then, so are Republicans being 'served' now.


doug said…
The good news in this is, the Dems, as at the national level still, have no plan, no message, no nothing, zip, nada. The only thing we have to pick on is that they have nothing. All they do is trash the GOP. I'm not saying the GOP is w/o all levels, however, no plan is just that. No plan.

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