Campaign websites - Jarrod Johnson and Bob Sahr

Jarrod Johnson, Republican Candidate for the Commissioner of School and Public Lands had his website go live today. I had been waiting for it for a while, as I knew he had the domain registered and had a web person working on it.

I took a few minutes to check it out tonight, and it's not bad. Not bad at all. You can see it for yourself at

And Jarrod isn't the only one with his mug on the web. Bob Sahr also has a campaign website out there at It's another good website with a clean design and easy navigation.

On Bob's site, just like Jarrod's, you can make an on-line donation. Bob's uses a click and pledge system which allows for donations via credit cards. Jarrod relies on Pay Pal, another on-line payment system owned by eBay.

What did catch my notice on Bob's website is that an upcoming feature, Bob's Blog is noted, where I'm assuming we will be able to read about his travels on the campaign trail. I'm pretty tickled to see this because I had predicted months ago that state level candidates might start using blogs in their races.

(Maybe I can figure out how to make a buck at this blogging thing after all).


Anonymous said…

Sahr's website is substantially better then Johnson's. Sahr talks about his many accomplishments and specifics. There is no meat and potatoes so to speak in Jarrod's website. I hope Jarrod let's us know his platform for running soon or the party of Lincoln will easily vote for Cooper at the convention.
Anonymous said…
Why does the Pierre crowd have to build up thier puppets while attacking anyone who is outside of Pierre and is trying to make a difference? Anon #1, Bob never did have any trouble bragging himself up! Why don't you lend a helping hand to Jarrod with the meat and potatoes? Pierre crowd: the best ideas in this state are not originating from Pierre. Tax and spending increases, nepotism, cronyism, government buildings and programs, and unopen government are not the virtues of the party of Reagan. But when you are raised on the government and lobbyist dole, you start thinking ethnocentricly and begin believing you are entitled, even though you aren't! Sometimes it takes a newspaper to bring some individuals down to earth and to assist them in developing a conscience.
Anonymous said…
Anon #2, w/out the line on Reagan I would have thought Dave Kranz was reading the war college...either just state everything from Sioux Falls is better and more refined or nothing east of the river is worth Shi* so we can narrow down who you are.
Anonymous said…
Retribution is the first thought out of Pierre, is it? Why not concentrate on refuting or correcting the areas leading to criticism?

By the way, Kranz wouldn't criticise the Pierre crowd about raising taxes and spending, nor would he be after you about your economic development program for Pierre--government buildings and the jobs to put in them. Nice try, but not too persuasive. Yes, this is republican criticism.

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