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I was noting on my left sidebar that High Plains Drifter (f.k.a. Tokala Resistance) was not happy that SD123 had dropped them. I feel your pain guys.

I had tried to get listed on SD123 a while back because it used to be the best single source for finding out the latest on what the SDblogosphere was doing. But, after a few e-mails, I gave up, and found my own little aggregator which I use. It's not perfect, and I still can't get Radioactive Chief to list, but it's ok.

Speaking of feeds, I've added the Dakota Blues Podcast and The Blue Note RSS feeds from the South Dakota Democratic Party. Not that I want to support them or anything, but if there's a SD political related feed, I want it indexed. As soon as the SDGOP has their blog up (as ED Max Wetz spoke of in the video interview I did with him) if it has RSS, it will be here as well.


Todd Epp said…
I don't think SD123 is part of any conspiracy. For unknown reasons, my blog wouldn't generate the right code from time to time and not be listed. The Highplains dudes might want to check their feeds to see if they are doing whatever they need to be doing. I know the SD123 owner and I highly doubt he would drop them for their posts.
Anonymous said…
I've read some of their (Tokala Resistance) stuff, and I would drop them for their posts! I know, I know, freedom of expression and all that. But promoting anarchy against our gov't - come on!

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