Too Little Information + too many unanswered questions=a conspiracy in the making

Todd Epp has an interesting post on the now "supposedly solved" murder case that occurred up on the NSU campus. Basically, it entails some thoughts from a reader he has up in that neck of the woods, and a couple of news articles on the whole thing. From his post:
It is my understanding the the firearm used in the death was discovered in a dumpster several feet from the body. (Readers, please correct me if I am wrong.) I suppose it is possible that someone came along and put the gun in the trash after the suicide, but that seems unlikely. Why would someone do that? And it doesn't seem likely, though, I suppose not impossible, that the professor shot himself, threw the gun in the trash, then wandered off and died. But not very likely.

I don't doubt the evidence but what I have read and heard doesn't add up.
I would concur that it's a bit of a hard pill to swallow that this handgun mysteriously ended up in a dumpster some distance from the body.

When the police chief is just labeling it as a suicide without explaining what evidence led them to the conclusion, there are just too many questions that are left unanswered. These are the times when television shows such as CSI are causing problems with convictions because evidence presented by prosecutors are not "gee whiz" enough.

People are much more concerned about a logical explanation for things as opposed to saying "yup, I'll buy that." Especially when no one is providing any details. Too little information is out there on this whole thing. And too many questions remain.

Too many unanswered questions along with too little information only builds conspiracy theories and unfounded rumors. It would be in the Aberdeen Police Department's best interests to simply lay it all the evidence out there and explain why they think that way.

Unless there is a reason they can't. And if that reason exists and this taxpayer funded entity can't or won't tell us, I'd point out that's how conspiracy theories are born.


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