District 24 is mostly in for the next election. Mostly

(I'm assuming this was reported on by Tony Mangan over at KCCR News)

KCCR's "today's look at news for 2/6/06 is reporting that District 24 State Senator Bob Gray and State Representative Ryan Olson have said that they will be running for the legislature once again.

But Representative Tim Rounds coyly said:
..that he hasn't made a final decision yet on whether to run for a third term. But the Pierre Republican says he is leaning that way.


Rounds says he hasn't made a final decision.
Amazingly enough, nobody cared. Are we supposed to be on the edge of our seats? Are we supposed to write in and beg? Please. Let's just get it over with and save the drama for the Pierre Players.

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but in this district potential politicians will stream out of the woodwork like termites whenever there is an open seat. The only thing that's going to happen by Tim not coming out and saying "I'm running" is that he's going to offer encouragement to other people to run. And if those people get enough encouragement, intentional or not, it might just trigger a primary.

And if you recall, despite assumptions to the contrary, Pierre is known to sometimes have a legislative primary, regardless of whether or not people believe a seat will be open. Patty deHueck hardly ever got by without one in the Senate - and Bob Gray knocked her out.

Think about it - who stands to take the short end of the stick if someone jumps in and creates a House Republican primary? Tim's seat mate, Ryan Olson. Tim is from the population center of Pierre/Ft. Pierre, and has an incredibly dominating name ID because of his brother, the Governor. Ryan is from the outskirts of the district in one of the smaller population centers.

While both Representatives enjoy the undeniable power of incumbency, if you put a high profile, heavy hitter Republican from Pierre in the race - and they are out there - it could spell trouble. In that case, if a newcomer placed first or second in the primary, Tim would likely not be the one knocked out. It would be Ryan.

So, let's suggest to Representative Rounds that he start drafting his press release, and leave the rest of us to go on with our lives with that burning question answered.


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