Does Pierre Centrism exist?

I'm asking this because I'm wondering about the impression of those outside the area. A commentor under the post I just did on the 2 campaign websites let us Pierre Residents just have it with both barrels. Reproduced in part:
Why does the Pierre crowd have to build up thier puppets while attacking anyone who is outside of Pierre and is trying to make a difference? Pierre crowd: the best ideas in this state are not originating from Pierre. Tax and spending increases, nepotism, cronyism, government buildings and programs, and unopen government are not the virtues of the party of Reagan. But when you are raised on the government and lobbyist dole, you start thinking ethnocentricly and begin believing you are entitled, even though you aren't! Sometimes it takes a newspaper to bring some individuals down to earth and to assist them in developing a conscience.
OUCH. That's pretty harsh, but is that an accurate assessment? Is that how regular South Dakotans think of those who work in the Pierre political system?

Let's hear from the SDWC readers on this one.


Anonymous said…
I am reminded of the old story where the politician asks which way his people went because he/she is there leader and must get in front of them to show them the way!

If Pierre were important to the rest of the state, they would have run the interstate through it!
Anonymous said…

I think you missed the point. Although the leftism, not centrism, is the root cause, the absolute arrogance of the Pierreified republicans in tearing down non-Pierreified republicans (non-liberals) in order to build themselves up is what should be exposed as utterly objectionable.
PP said…
I meant Pierre-centrism as not being about in the middle, but in the sense of that "Does Pierre spend too much time thinking about itself."
Anonymous said…
As a former Republican State Legislator, I say that comment is "right on"!

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