It's time for another edition of: Mayors Gone WIld

Is it the water? Is it the South Dakota weather? It's something, because yet again, we have another example of a chief municipal elected official in the news for a criminal act.

What were the prior examples? First, back a while ago in Belle Fourche, one Mayor beats his wife. Next, in Onida, another one (allegedly) assaults a man in front of his daughter, and then works on the man's sister. Then, we had the Mayor of Brandon busted for DUI, and in the most public spectcle to date, Jim Shaw, the Mayor of Rapid City, had been supposedly banned for life from the Iowa State Fair.

Today, we have a return engagement of DWI. And the mayor who allegedly committed it is the mayor of South Dakota's newest city, Summerset. From the Rapid City Journal:
If convicted, it would be Shelly's second DUI offense. He is scheduled to make a first appearance on the charge Sept. 28 in 4th Circuit Court in Sturgis.

Contacted Tuesday, Shelly, 44, readily admitted to the arrest. "I made a mistake," he said.

He said he told Summerset's city council members about the arrest. "Nobody's asked me to step down," he said. "I have the support of the council and other people."

Shelly was arrested before midnight Tuesday, Sept. 12, on the Interstate 90 service road after leaving Sawtooth Saloon. Shelly, who was riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, said he was pulled over by the South Dakota Highway Patrol for speeding and received a warning for that offense.


The Sawtooth Saloon is owned by brothers Rex, Brian and Kent Hagg. Kent Hagg is Summerset's city attorney.
Read it all here.

You know, if this keeps up, I can start a weblog strictly devoted to elected officials breaking the law.


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