After work at the Jarrod Johnson fundraiser in Pierre

After work tonight, I had been invited by State Auditor Rich Sattgast to attend a Jarrod Johnson fundraiser in Steamboat park here in Pierre.

It was a nice turnout, although I keep wondering why people get nervous when I show up at places with a camera.

Several of the Constitutionals were there, along with a dozen or two of the local Republicans. I had an opportunity to chat with Jarrod, and listen to his speech, as well as catch up with several others there. It was a nice friendly atmosphere.

At one point I was chatting with former State CR Chair (and now Jarrod Johnson campaign staffer) Jen Giannonatti and PUC Commissioner Dusty Johnson, and the conversation turned to getting carded for the purchase of adult beverages. Somehow, that hasn't happened to me for a very long time.

Dammit. I hate them both. Can you tell I'm turning 40 next month?

I'm just kidding on the hate thing, they're both young up and comers in the party and I think highly of both of them. It's not their fault they're younger than I am. I'm in my 20's at heart, it's just that the realization of having a 14 year old with 5 kids in line behind her that brings me crashing back to earth.

Oh. This is supposed to be a post about Jarrod, isn't it?

Anyway, it was a good fundraiser, and a nice time was had by all.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe it's been 14 years since she was born! wow you are old!

Anonymous said…
No one has worked harder on a campaign this year....Dem or Rep.
Good Luck JJ.
Anonymous said…
Top Photo caption:

"Jarrod, would you like to see my booger?"
Anonymous said…
Top Photo caption:

"Jarrod, have you ever smelled anything like this?"
Anonymous said…
Top phot caption: "The hat and the rat"
Anonymous said…
Bottom photo caption: "I wasn't going to tell him his fly was down"
Anonymous said…
Top photo caption:

"On a scale of 1 to 10 what do you think are Bryce's chances of winning?"

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