Boy, that makes me REALLY comfortable with electronic voting machines.


mhs said…
That darn Al Gore, misusing his internet for his own evil purposes. I have no doubt Bill Steigelmeier (sic? I really don't care if so) is convinced Gore lost on purpose as part of a play by his Ivy League NWO buddies to gain control of the voting process.

Post all other conspiracy theories here. PP, how about a t-shirt for the best one?
PP said…
I believe it was reported because they figured out how to actually do it - and transparently, at that.
Anonymous said…
Fortunately the "voting machines" here in South Dakota are nothing more than a very fancy printer.
You insert the paper ballot, mark your choses using a varity of assistive devices, (including one which makes the 9pt print large enough to read easily), push mark your ballot which fills in the circles on your ballot. You can check it over(providing that you can read print that small) before you put the same paper ballot that everyone else uses into the ballot box.
I recommend an absentee ballot for everyone who uses bifocals this fall!!
DakotaDemocrat said…
No need to worry.

For the 2004 Presidential election, the Diebold CEO said:

I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to Senator Kerry.

Wha...He didn't say that? What did he say?

"I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president."

In a Bush fundraising letter.

Walden O'Dell ran the Ohio-based Diebold company until after the 2004 elections. He also raised $100,000 for Bush and wrote the above words in a fundraising letter to Bush supporters.

Really nothing to worry about here. Go invade doctor's offices and bedrooms. There are more important things going on there.
Anonymous said…
Good thing you call yourself Dakotademocrat. That way we know exactly what to expect when we see your posts!

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