Are they moving ahead, or just grasping at... Well, grasping at something.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Legislative Executive board is meeting with their attorney to review what, if anything, the Attorney General found in his investigation into allegations that State Senator Dan Sutton Sexually groped an 18 year old male legislative page:
A South Dakota legislative committee met privately Tuesday with the lawyer who is handling the investigation into allegations that a state senator engaged in sexual misconduct with a high school student who served as a page.

Sen. Ed Olson, R-Mitchell, chairman of the Legislature’s Executive Board, said Sioux Falls lawyer Jim McMahon told the committee what he has learned from criminal-investigation records that were subpoenaed from the attorney general’s office. The panel also talked about what direction the probe will take in the future, Olson said.
Read it all here at the Rapid City Journal.


Anonymous said…
in all seriousness, can someone tell me what "grope" means? or what would constitute "groping" someone?
pervie said…
Putting your hand on a "private" area of someone else's body.
Anonymous said…
It's what Ed Olson, Lee Schoenbeck and the gang have been doing ... fumbling around for evidence that will legitimize their political ambush last fall. That's groping for evidence when none is in sight.

The lynch[sic] pin here is what Long produces. If he has nothing but hearsay, this backfires on its promoters in the legislature. If he does produce evidence that merits court action, then the hoopla would have been worth it.

I'm all for running a kid groper out of the legislature for obvious reasons. But this has, to date, been a glaring example of process executed very poorly. Next time this happens, the clowns better have the smoking gun before they organize a public shame parade. Or there had better be significant consequences for malpractice as legislative leaders.
Anonymous said…
6:39 that's a great's another one. If you are an 18 year old man, how do you let someone inappropriatly "grope" you anyway. I guess it wouldn't be happenin with me. I certainly wouldn't be saying I was "victimized" geez, the "victim" is of about the same size as Dan from what I've heard, can't quite picture it I guess being "inappropriatly groped" and all..I'd be for leaving and NOT coming back for a second night. The news reports he stayed in the hotel room for 2 nights right??? Just food for thought.
Anonymous said…
How 'bout this for a theory...

The goings on in the motel room were consensual between two adults. But when dad found out, he got mad and blamed Danny.

No laws were broken, but nonetheless this doesn't make it right.

If a legislator had consensual sex with an 18 year old female page, would it be any better... No, the rest of the world, especially the opposing party, would go through the roof.

If nothing else, Danny is guilty of being incredibly stupid for having a page share his motel room.
Anonymous said…
How many beds were in the room?
Anonymous said…
8:26 that question has been answered NUMEROUS times on this blog...get off of it already PLEASE!! It is getting really annoying now.
Anonymous said…
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Oh wait, I keep forgetting I'm in SD. Where there IS something wrong with that.
Anonymous said…
8:56 what are you talking about? the bed question or one of the posts above...that was kind of a vague statement...I'm interested thx.
Anonymous said…
I was making a Seinfeld reference. About homosexuality. It was a joke.
Anonymous said…
Whether or not it was consensual could be what it comes down to. The position of power and influence that one person has over the other would have to be weighed, along with its effect in giving consent. This is a more complex situation than many make it out to be.
Mom said…
This was a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT on a program for teaching government to our HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

Male or female, 18 or younger, It doesn't matter! This was a SD PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT on a school sanctioned/government sponsored program!

It also doesn't matter what actually happened.

Our legislators should be held to at least the same standard as our teachers for heaven sake!

A teacher, Scout Leader, Coach, Church Youth Leader... whatever... who shared a bed with a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT on a trip would no longer be a teacher, Scout Leader, Coach etc....

I like Dan. I like his politics. I am sorry for his family... BUT... he made an incredibly stupid decision that NO ONE in a leadership position with youth should get away with.

EVEN IF NO GROPING TOOK PLACE... still a one bed hotel room with a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT is a dumb idea and shouldn't be overlooked!
mom said…
Incidentally, I have traveled miles with many youth.

I can remember many times when we had groups of students and rooms with 2 Queen or King sized beds and four students to a room.

Several times we got another room rather than have MY OWN son or daughter and I sleep in the same bed.

On a family trip we likely would have saved the $$ but on a school or youth trip--not so.

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