Reader Suggestion time - people potential candidates should know

I've been noodling on a post that I'd like to do, but before I weigh in, I'd like to hear what the readers think.

If a political newbie showed up at your doorstep one day and said "I want to run for office" - Who are ten people involved in South Dakota partisan politics that you would say they need to meet? And that's ten for each side of the aisle, if you care to take a stab at both. But arguably, it's more authoritative if you're just speaking for your own.

Would most Republicans include Larry Russell and Gypsy Hines on their list? Would most Dems include Rick Hauffe and Jody Severson?

What I want to know is - Who do the political insiders point friends to when they've got someone
who wants to jump in with both feet? Once you've all weighed in, I'll drop in with my list in a separate post.


Top Ten! Other than you,who else is there?
Anonymous said…
don't know what to do or what opinion to have until we tell you?

hmmm...are you the newbie? You've got the politician thing down.
PP said…
Is that a bad thing to ask for other's opinions before weighing in?

Admittedly, I don't have a huge window into the D side. On the R side, My experience is 18 years deep.

But before I comment, I'm hoping to filter out a few of my own personal prejudices and rivalries to give valid advice.
Anonymous said…
Aside from the obvious, State party, Tim Johnson, Stephanie Herseth, I'd put Steve Hildebrand, Chad Schuldt, Linda Barker, Bob Stevens, Bill Dougherty, Pat Kirschman, Amy Pokela on the list - at least in SE part of the state.

Jody Severson? Who's that?
Anonymous said…
Severson is a Democrat who is Adelstein's political consultant.
Anonymous said…
O heck PP I would never tell you or on line who I would approach for the run.

There are people you should always approach from old timers through the new players.

If they have to ask then they haven't been around very much.
mjb said…
Hence the point he was trying to make about "who should a newbie talk to."

There is a political community in SD, not an insular society. That's when parties begin to fail, when they start to shut people out.
Anonymous said…
I know what you mean, I should not have stated "tell you" I should have deleted it. It was placing names on line. There are many people and the party I would have a person talk to who was considering a run.
Anonymous said…
Of course you must go kiss Bill Trent's ring!
Anonymous said…
Jim Hubbard. May he rest in peace.
Anonymous said…
Yes, we miss Jim.
Anonymous said…
Wild Bill Trent!
Anonymous said…
Dana Randall
Anonymous said…
Long Live Dana Randall.......
Anonymous said…
Who is Dana Randall?
Anonymous said…
For the GOP column:

Georgia Hanson
Joel Rosenthal
Lee Brown
Anonymous said…
Dana Randall is the Brown GOP County Chairman, and the best county chairman in South Dakota. Even though Brown County is a liberal bastion, Dana has been instrumental in waking up the GOP base in the NE region of the state.
Anonymous said…
Joel is a washed up, has been. Joel is the worst choice for the GOP.
Anonymous said…
The SD GOP needs some young blood. The old guard has to go.
Anonymous said…
The last time I checked, Georgia Hanson was dismissed by Thune several years ago. Georgia (served as a paid consultant/staff member) was also responsible for not disclosing money that was raised at a Dave Munson fundraiser at Minervas. Lastly, Georgia was a paid consultant for Dick Kelly and John Koskan, who were both defeated on November 7. I don't think Georgia's track record is very impressive.

I agree. Joel Rosenthal is a divider, not a uniter. The SD GOP needs an articulate, engergetic Chairman who will unite the party.
Anonymous said…
I can’t believe no one has mentioned the person who helped get at least 5 or 6 new folks elected in the House.

This is on top of the folks he helped get re-elected.

If you don’t know who he is, it’s because he is not out looking for attention.

I’ll give you a hint; he’s in the House from Pennington County.

I’ll check back later to see if anyone is in tone enough to figure out who he it.
Anonymous said…
The earlier Dem listing was pretty decent although Bill Dougherty is not a name exclusive to Dems. It's kind of sad but he has sometimes relied on his business/lobbying interest to decide who he supports...this so-called Democrat supported Thune over Johnson and recently took Kelly over Heidepriem.

Dems in the state are beginning to get organized and smart, young operatives like Chad Schuldt and others are helping prospects for good progressive candidates all across South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
I understand that Shane Penfield has no interest in serving as Chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party.
This is by no means an exclusive or exhaustive list and not in any rank order.

1. Steve Hildebrand
2. Steve Erpenbach
3. Rick Hauffe
4. Barry Foster
5. Sheldon Osborn
6. Jody Severson
7. Chad Schuldt
8. Scott Heidepriem
9. Elaine Roberts
10. Kay Davis
11. Drey Samuselson
12. Bill Thompson
13. Stephanie Herseth
14. Steve Dick
15. Deb Knecht
16. Bernie Hunhoff
17. Jack Billion (after he's chair)
18. Judy Duhamel (for now)
19. George McGovern
20. Jim Abourezk
21. Pam Nelson
22. Tim Dougherty
23. Bob Simpson
24. April Reis
25. Janelle O'Connor
26. Reynold Nesiba
27. Mike O'Connor
28. Pat Haley
29. Pam Miller
30. Marylou Mahan
31. Brendan Johnson

There are others I just can't think of right now.

Republicans (I'm obviously not in this loop. It's based on people I know and have dealt with. Again, in no particular order.):

1. Joel Rosenthal
2. Rick Knobe
3. Matt McCaulley
4. Ron Parsons
5. Georgia Hanson
6. Gary Hanson
7. Lee Schoenbeck
8. Laura Schoen
9. Pat Powers (Sorry, I should have thought of you sooner!)
10. Carol Twedt
11. Rob Regier
12. Bob Sutton
13. Bob Miller
14. Dianna Miller
15. Bill Janklow
16. John Thune
17. Jon Lauck
18. Michelle Rounds
19. Jan Nicolay
20. Shantel Krebs

Others (Again, no order):

1. Bob Burns
2. Dave Kranz
3. Bob Mercer
4. Bill Dougherty

I think all of these people have something worthwhile to offer a candidate in terms of campaign themes, planning a campaign, looking for money, or what to do or not do as a candidate.

Anonymous said…
Well Todd that's a great list of if you're running for office in Sioux Falls.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Why do liberals insist on hiding behind the "progessive" label??? Are they ashamed of the "L" word? Or are they dishonest???
Anonymous said…
exactly 7:32. Keep running like SF doesn't have a bias against it. This is why Knudson will go now where in state politics. Can't beat that wrap. Neither will Hansen, Peterson or any other (talk to Dick Brown about this).
Anonymous said…
Stan Adelstein and Steve Kirby.
Anneme said…
April Reis is from Reliance not Sioux Falls and she works in Pierre at the SDDP so she is a vital person to contact if you are a Democrat considering running for office.
Bob Sutton is a great person to contact in the Pierre area if you are a Republican.
Anonymous said…

Dana Randall? Are you serious, this is the guy who cost the Republicans a seat. It was his brilliant idea to have Latterell take on Duane Sutton.

As far as NE South Dakota is concerned, Dana must not be doing a great job there because Districts 1-5 (NE SD) are all controlled by the Democrats for the most part. So, I guess if I were a Democrat I would call Dana.
Anonymous said…
Why Georgia why?....she is a joke. 5:14 is right....
Joel is not who the GOP needs....he is still a person who wants to have his hands in everything....followed Janklow around and was the general to over see Janklows marching orders.
Dana Randall is a good guy...but very very to the right,maybe even to conservative for SD.
Anonymous said…
Interesting how Epp put Diana Miller right on top of Bill Janklow.
Anonymous said…
I think mike schumacher would make a great mayor of Rapid City.
Anonymous said…
Mike Schumacher would make a great campaign consultant for anyone. He helped Pete Fuller win re-election as a circuit judge in the 7th Circuit against a good, solid opponent. He also ran his own city council race in Rapid City and beat an incumbent with 68% of the vote.
Anonymous said…
NEED to meet? I don't think there's anyone in particular. I've never met Larry Russell or Gypsie Hines and I'm a former GOP legislator. When I decided to run, I ran. No one asked ,recruited, or begged me. I got little advise or help from anyone. I'm 3-0 in elections, and every election day I did better than the previous time.The idea that you have to "know" people to get elected is a bunch of high-brow BS.
Anonymous said…
Jan Nicolay?? on the rep side??? oh pleeeeze!!!

Rob Regier is a registered independent but is helpful to anyone of either party who has morals.
Anonymous said…
How do you spell Elli's last name??
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anon 11:13

For a know-it-all genius such as yourself who's won 3-0 as claimed, isn't it odd that you failed to reveal your identity?

I'd reveal mine, but I am frightened of big, powerful people like you. I'm a chicken. What's your excuse, big shooter?
Anonymous said…
When Herseth was reelected in November 2004, she singled out four people from her team in her election night speech: campaign manager Tessa Gould, chief of staff Jeff Navin, communications director Russ Levson, and former SF City Councilman Andy Howes, all of whom are apparently still involved.
Anonymous said…
Larry Russell is by far the best campaign organizer on the GOP side in SD. I am sick and tired of hearing people criticize Larry Russell for the mistakes made by some young adults on his staff. PP is exactly right, Larry Russell will be a player again some day in SD. Time heals all wounds. There are very few as knowledgeable on the GOP side as Larry Rusell. In addition, John Thune would not be in office today without Larry Russell.
Douglas said…
For Democrats:
Thomas Jefferson
Franklin Roosevelt
John Kennedy
George McGovern
Bill Clinton.

For Republicans:
Vlad the Impaler
Attilla the Hun
Joseph Goebbels
Rush Limbaugh
Ann Coulter
Tomás de Torquemada
and last but not least

You might have to read the dead"s writing to get the gist and true related spirit.

More seriously, I think I will have to copy Todd Epp's list. Names to remember for letters to the editor.
Todd Epp said…
I should have remembered Andy Howes. Sorry, Andy.

Jon Hoadley is another name is neglected. The kids got brains and instincts like crazy.

Also, my list has a lot of out-state people on it, not all SF.

I think this was a fun exercise. Frankly, I have sometimes learned as much or more from the GOPs on the list as the Dems. As a lawyer, a soccer coach, and a politico, I've learned that your opposition can always teach you something useful if you are not too arrogant or closed-minded. Sometimes the lessons are friendly, sometimes they are painful.

And why you GOPs don't like Joel Rosenthal is beyond me. If I were a GOP, I'd at least talk to him even if I didn't like him.

Todd Epp
Todd Epp said…
Oh, an Dr. Bill Farber. The guy knew Norbeck, for God's sake, and is still wired into power elites in SD and around the US. A very wise man. You don't listen to him at your own peril.

Anonymous said…
Lyndell Petersen, Bill Napoli
Anonymous said…
If you're a Dem, better suck up to Randall Beck. No better way to get free advertising. Of course you don't want to suck up too much, cause he might endorse you, then you lose.
Douglas said…
Ted Muenster is another guy you might ignore at your peril assuming he can talk partisan politics in his current position.

Steve Sibson seems to detest Bill Fleming. That should be nearly enough to make Bill worth talking to as well.

And probably for sheer remembered knowledge if the judge can talk politics is Bill Srstka who has the kind of mind that retains political data.

On the other hand, South Dakota perversity is really good at proving experts, experience, and creativity wrong.
Anonymous said…
Funny nobody has mentioned Senator BJ Nesselhuf. He had a big role this year getting Dems all over the state funded and elected. He's a real player in Democratic politics - and one of the sharpest minds for both political strategy and legislative strategy in the legislature. If you want to win, he can help get you there.
Anonymous said…
Who is Bob Simpson?
Anonymous said…
Jason Glodt
Anonymous said…
Oh, an Dr. Bill Farber...if you want an earfull on homosexual and anti-women politics.
Anonymous said…
Hey Epp, just talk to Rosenthal awhile,like you said, and you'll know why we conservative republicans don't like him.

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