The Argus is reporting tonight that KELO is in talks with SDSU to televise some of the games. (does that mean Brookings will be blacked out, or will I still have to freeze my tail off if I decide to go to a football game?):
South Dakota State associate athletic director Rob Peterson said Tuesday that the school is negotiating with Young Broadcasting Inc. and KELO to put as many as 25 Jackrabbit games – five football and 10 each in men’s and women’s basketball – on live television in 2007-08.

“It may indeed happen,” Peterson said. “I’ve got an agreement on my desk I’ve been going through, a legal contract, the same one we had last year. Issues need to be resolved first before we sign off on it. Every indication I’ve gotten so far is the market will bear this out.”

Gwen Kinsey, the president and general manager of KELO, confirmed that her station has been talking about a partnership with SDSU for some time, and said she wasn’t prepared to comment further.
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Anonymous said…

Yet another example of KELO deciding what's best and missing the mark.

I'm sorry PP, but unless you went to SDSU and care about it's athletics, this is a looser. The first UCLA-Kentucky basketball or LSU-Florida football game I miss because SDSU is playing Wisc.-Lacrosse I'm, along w/the vast number of sports fans in the state, going to be irate.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. If it makes KELO feel more metropolitan, great. If it makes SDSU alumns feel good, great. Sell out your games, then tell me your supported. Put a decent team on the field/court and it might help.

Shi*, this is really going to piss me off.

Years ago, I believe it was KSFY carried SDSU vs. Mankato I believe in place of Florida v Florida St. (1 vs. 2 or 3 at the time). The stands in Brookings were only half full. I called the station and the guy told me it wasn't his decision and that he'd been getting a lot of calls.

We live in SD, embrace the fact that we are a small state. We do not have big time athletics, sorry. We also don't have the problems that come along with them so be glad for that.

SDSU on KELO, might as well run Jerry Lewis every weekend because the numbers will be the same.

Why not Northern? Black Hills State? Garretson? Let's cover them all. Take off CSI and see how happy the mob is. I personally don't watch CSI but Kelo wouldn't touch that, but if they can send Travis Fossing to Brookings like he's Chris Berman, for some reason that escapes me it makes the KELO crew feel one step closer to Minneapolis.

I hereby support and call for giving Minnehaha County to Minnesota in a trade for a twelve pack and some beef jerky.
Anonymous said…
Give me SDSU over LSU or Florida anytime... My guess is that Kelo knows the Jacks would get higher ratings that LSU.

But don't worry, your LSU game would be a "must carry" from the network. The SDSU game would be on their other station, UTV, or whatever it's called.
Anonymous said…
I would say it is about time we as a state watch the jacks. I grew up as a cubs fan because those were the games that were on tv. I think Jacks Football could have been aired a long time ago.

I might actually care about Football again!
State Grad said…
As an SDSU Alum, I'm ashamed of what my college did again on Hobo Day. No, not football, the parade. The committee not even allowing a "Yes on 6" sign on the GOP float, not allowing any type of leafleting from the GOP, even on the "public" sidewalk! Yet, MANY "No on 6" stickers showed up on people, even young children along the route. The same thing happened when I was there in '06, strict orders to politicos of no leafletting or stickering, yet they turned their blind eyes when a throng of young dems plastered the masses with red "Daschle" stickers. I was surprised this never was brought up on this blog, especially since PP is from Brookings. I will never donate one dime to SDSU again.
State Grad said…
Woops, I meant "when I was there in '04".
PP said…
Consider the leadership of SDSU. Peggy was a Dem who tried to pretend she was an R when she's show up at GOP functions.

And no, none of us bought it either.

Regarding the sticker issue, I think it's probably because the GOP generally doesn't push it when we could. (and probably should).

Dem activists aren't afraid to be fierce, and I wonder if GOP activists are losing some of that fire, because we didn't have a grassroot campaign this election, as we did in 2002 & (most of) 2004.

I wouldn't be afraid to send a cadre of people out stickering the route along the public sidewalks. What's the HOBO Day committee going to do, take away their Christmas?
Anonymous said…
Two classes First class and no class......
GOP took the first class.....followed the rules and let it go... class.....after the parade officials were gone they stickered again....
It had nothing to do with the willingness to work hard for the candidates.
The Big B said…
I am a USD grad. I would much rather see SDSU play football, where the final prize is an actual championship game, played at the end of an actual playoff, than these Division 1 exhibition games (let me say it again: EXHIBITION GAMES) that we see right now. Fan of the BCS? Think I'm wrong? Then consider this:

There are 32 bowl games this year. Every trophy will say "Champion" on it. In other words, that 6-6 titan who beats that 7-5 titan in that December 3rd bowl game will have a championship trophy just as much as the team who wins that alleged championship game in January.

I rest my case.

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