I got the Golden Ticket!

Actually, I won a lighthearted contest over on Mt. Blogmore for the new State Motto for the SD Quarter (which was something to the effect of the latin phrase for "pheasants don't fly over mountains"). So now I get to pick a topic.

I've got a few ideas, mainly along the line of new media's impact on the 2006 elections, and what we should look for in 2008.

Any one have a better idea?


Bill Fleming said…
Interesting topic PP.

Coincidentally, the other guy who won a free Blogmore post (Charley House) used to argue with others of us there about the impact of Blogs on political opinion, votes, etc. I'm not going to presume to speak for CH here because he hates when I do that.

Let's just say I think it would be a worthy discussion to take up again, long overdue in my opinion, and with a lot of water under the bridge between now and the time we last talked about such things on "the Mount."

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