Rob Regier leaving the SD Family Policy Council

I've had a couple of people forward me a note that Rob Regier is leaving the SD Family Policy Council. Rob has been there since it was only a fledgling organization in SD, so this marks a major change in style for the group.

Here's what the note said:
Dear friends,

It is with sadness that I announce I will be stepping down as executive director of the South Dakota Family Policy Council. I certainly will miss interacting with the thousands of South Dakotans who support the Family Policy Council, but I believe God has a different plan for me, as well as for the organization. After nearly nine years between my time at Family Research Council in Washington , D.C. and here at the Family Policy Council, it's time for a change for my own family.

For two reasons I make this announcement now, rather than later. First, the date of my departure has not been set as the board of directors desires me to stay to help in the selection of and transition to a new executive director. This transition time could take several months. Staying on the right course depends on all of us continuing our financial and prayerful support. We all need to help the organization through this transition. That said, I will continue to ask you for your support of the South Dakota Family Policy Council during this very crucial time. With its principled mission statement, widespread support, strong leadership, committed staff, and partnership with hundreds of churches from around the state, I’m sure the it will continue to be a leading force in shaping the culture.

The second reason for the announcement now is the board wants me to have the freedom to openly consider future career options. As I work diligently for the South Dakota Family Policy Council in this transition, I can also consider with integrity, what the Lord has in store for me and my family. In that respect, the board has been gracious enough to give me some time to await the Lord’s calling.

Will you join me in prayer for my family -- my beautiful wife Tammy, lovable son Rex, and sweet daughter Nadia -- that God will sustain us through this exciting yet unsure time? Believe me, it takes an understanding and patient wife to be in this kind of ministry. To compound that with a decision to move forward in mere faith is a true test of her love for me, a test that she has passed with the conviction of a soldier, or in her case a sailor (Tammy is former Navy). She does love me. And I love her, more than anyone or anything on this earth.

Yet, there is one bond more unbreakable than the one between my wife and I, and that is our bond with Christ. We know that He has a plan. A perfect plan. We rest easy in the knowledge that God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. I look forward to talking to as many of you as possible and answering any questions you may have. God bless you all.



Robert Regier
Executive Director
South Dakota Family Policy Council


Anonymous said…
I was never able to digest much of what this guy said because he always looks like such a greasy creep.
been there said…
Well,if what you say is true, you sure can't judge a book by it's cover.
Anonymous said…
This guy has been one of the lowest character assassins in the history of state politics, a real step down from Jon Paulson.

His successor could only be an improvement in terms of taste and class.
Anonymous said…
Good riddance, lexrex.
Anonymous said…
What's he doing, running against Herseth and Joel Dykstra in 08?
Anonymous said…
Say what you want about him. His team won their race in the last election.

Traditional Family Values 1
Gay marriage 0
Anonymous said…
Actually, he went 1-2 in the last race.

Abortion: loss
Video lottery: loss
Marriage: narrow win

Pretty sure he would have preferred a win on RL6.
Anonymous said…
People that are not on your level will try to bring you down to their level vs risng up to yours. I only met you a few times but you did a good job and good luck.

Isn't it funny when you stand for what is morally right people still want to knock you down. I think it is because Liberals can't handle the truth.

I will remain anonymous too.
Anonymous said…
Liberal bashing notwithstanding, what a load of self-important tripe. This guy makes Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Baker look like models of a pious lifestyle.

Sadly, he and his like will continue to prey on the truly devout, yet less sophisticated people who support these organizations.
Anonymous said…
What would Jesus say?

"Rob, get thee and thy corrupt tactics behind me. The ends never justify the means."
Anonymous said…
some day, the rob regiers of the world will wake up... having lost numerous legislative seats, and having lost numerous ballot issues, and having lost the support of mainstream conservative South dakotans, and will ask themselves..."you think we pushed too hard? you think that was a pushback from the voters?"

and then they will say "nah, we got screwed by the media, or the dems, or the moderates, or the conservative republicans who have not agreed to do whatever we tell them, or voters who didnt get it, or ANYone but our own overreaching." and then, they will bring some more overreaching ideas and candidates, and lose some more elections.

ane then one day they will wake up, and ask..... ahhh, never mind. you get the picture.
Anonymous said…
I loved Rob and will miss him. I always found him to be very honest and straightforward. What would Jesus do? If any of you posters care to read the Bible , you will find that He can have a very sharp tongue, He hates sin, and wasn't afraid to say so. I'm sure He would have offended you also, just like Rob apparently has. By the way, it was John Paulton (not Paulson).
Anonymous said…
"I loved Rob and will miss him."

I hope it was a woman who wrote this. Rob doesn't appreciate man-love. Either does Jesus.
Anonymous said…
I hope Rob stays in South Dakota and helps lead the fight against abortion and the homosexuals.

Our party needs to push harder on social issues, not let off the gas as some people at this site have advocated.

The people of South Dakota are moral, God fearing people and if we need to the government to occaisonally step in and help, I'm all for it.

Loyal GOPer
Anonymous said…
My quess is that he will become a furniture salesman for Bob Fischer convincing folks that really isn't any interest until 2008.
Anonymous said…
They both love Jesus so much and his wife loves him so much - but she didn't want to get a job, which is forcing him to leave his position in order to find something that pays better. After all, someone has to pay their Country Club dues.

Another hypocrite bites the dust.
Mrs. Ellis said…
Mr. Regier still has a few questions to answer before skipping out of town:

You were forced to discuss the abortion you paid (for your part of) when it was feared that in responding to your political attacks, the Daschle camp would use it to their political gain.

While "God has forgiven you" for your "young and foolish" mistakes (which we all make, you point out), it seems a reasonable question to ask -- why the woman who aborted your child is not front and center as a spokeswoman for the "Vote Yes on 6 / For Life" campaign.

Given the "Vote Yes" campaign's insistance that there are loopholes which only now exist as the "morning after pill," may we ask just how long you waited between conception and abortion? Was it longer than the time the "Vote Yes" literature says emergency contraception "works"?

Would your abortion have been allowed under the law we are being asked to affirm / repeal? Was it a case of rape or incest?

Given the "Vote Yes" campaign's insistance on how abortion emotionally cripples women, have you ensured that your first child's mother, if that's how you choose to remember her, has grown up to be as stable an adult as you have? And do you owe her financial remuneration for the pain and suffering you contributed to by your "young and foolish" sowing of oats? Would it equal the cost of raising the child to college age, or would she feel you owed her more?

Should the doctor who performed your shared abortion face retroactive punishment for the crime you paid to him to commit?

Where is the woman that did not become Mrs. Regier ... or do we deserve her side of the story?
Anonymous said…
4:09, you are a sick and disgusting person, and why are you up so late? Can't get over your own abortion?
Anonymous said…
As long as we're on Regier's Greatest Hits, how 'bout that sick ad he designed and gloated over setting Daschle's photo next to Saddam's photo and claiming Daschle was helping Hussein. Jesus probably told him how to do that because Rob saw his work as a special ministry.

I'm not willing to bet his replacement will show any more class. The Heritage Foundation trains them to be ruthless, tasteless and vicious -- but smile a lot and quote Jesus while they're running the manure spreader.
Anonymous said…
"hope Rob stays in South Dakota and helps lead the fight against abortion and the homosexuals."

I'm sorry but I have a mental image of Kate Looby on a horse leading a gay pride parade grouping into battle against small children, puppies, apple pie and Rob Regier for the soul of American. Of course the flag (never mind Jesus, is there a difference?) is waiving behind Rob and the puppies, and the pie.

Please, let the door hit you on the way out of SD Politics.

Sick and Tired GOP Anon.
Anonymous said…
"Our party needs to push harder on social issues..."

Oh, please, please do. That would make Jesus very happy. And it would make me f'n ecstatic.

Push harder, Good Christian Soldier.
lexrex said…
ahhhhh. i will miss the "civility" of my liberal friends.

one correction to the anonymous poster who had something to say about my wife: she has a job, a job that most parents are unwilling to do, working inside and outside the home raising our 4- and 2-year-old. (and we don't belong to a country club.)

if you have anything more to say about my wife, why don't you bring yourself out of anonymity, first. then let's talk.
Anonymous said…
lexrex - Did we hit a bit of a nerve here?
When your wife complains to other people about your (lack of) earning power, it gets around - much, much farther than you realize. But it will all work out because you love her, she loves you, and you both love Jesus.
Then maybe you can afford the dues to the country club again.
Anonymous said…
lexrex (Rob Regier) wrote:
"if you have anything more to say about my wife, why don't you bring yourself out of anonymity"

You've had plenty of personal things to say about people on the blogs in the last year or so, all authored under your pseudononymous pen name "lexrex."

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right Rob?

Oh wait, you've made a career out of trying to disprove that, haven't you.

You and Leslee. Two birds of a feather, both living under the motto "do as I say, not as I do."
Anonymous said…
10:25 AM - The difference is that Leslee is profitting more from her activism that lexrex is. I guess it doesn't carry as much weight to say that you paid for your girlfriend's abortion as it does to say that you were tricked into having an abortion. More agony = more profit, at least if you are Ms. Unruh, who suffers so magnificently in public.
Anonymous said…
Just what were the circumstances surrounding Leslee's abortion?

I've heard two versions. Hers claims that it happened between child number three and child number four, after a doctor told her the pregnancy threatened her life.

The other version, which comes from a former acquaintance, says that Leslee and Allen were married to other people at the time but were involved. He was the doctor, she was the patient, and soon there was an unwanted baby.

Adulterty + Abortion. IF that is true, I can understand their guilt.
lexrex said…
anonymous 8:49, yes you did hit a nerve. not that i make/made little money, that's no secret that i have hidden or have asked my wife to hide. it's that you you feel so free under the cover of anonymity to gossip about my wife.

i can handle all the trash talked about me, but it's quite another when a stranger talks about my family. if you have more to say about her, why don't you stop by my office, and we'll chat.

and i have no idea why you keep talking about the country club. we don't belong to one. never have. you apparently know so much about how much money i make. you should know that i could never afford it.
Anonymous said…
11:12 AM - People see you at the country club. Do you attend under someone else's membership - your parents' perhaps?
Actually, I know only what I hear - and that isn't much. But apparently it's accurate.
I wouldn't know you if I saw you. Same for your wife.
But you're right that it's not really relevant. So I will drop it.
Actually, I would have dropped it sooner had you not responded.
lexrex said…
you shouldn't have even brought it up in the first place. don't act like it was i who made this a big deal. you're the one gossiping, talking trash about my wife. who the flip cares how i get into a country club or how much -- or little -- money i make. let it go, already.
Anonymous said…
fight, fight...that's the problem Rob. Defend your family, that's fine but the why you handle your "professional" persona has as much anger and vile as that you would have for someone attacking your family. That's not how it should be done. No unless you want people to think you are unhinged? Like, say a Leslee and Allen Unruh.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Rob. Keep his wife out of the attacks. It's cheap.

Why Rob couldn't stand for the same principle when they were ripping into Daschle's wife?

It would be interesting to know which churches were allied with his efforts to smear people in public life.
Anonymous said…
"who the flip cares how i get into a country club"

Well, my interest is peaked. How do you get into the club?
Mrs. Ellis said…

Why was the woman who aborted LEXREX'S child not front and center as a spokeswoman for the "Vote Yes on 6 / For Life" campaign? Would she have voted yes or no?

Given the "Vote Yes" campaign's insistence that there are loopholes which only now exist as the "morning after pill," may we ask just how long LEXREX waited between conception and abortion? Was it longer than the time the "Vote Yes" literature says emergency contraception "works"? Yes or no.

Would LEXREX's abortion have been allowed under #6? Yes or no.

Given the "Vote Yes" campaign's insistance on how abortion emotionally cripples women, has LEXREX ensured that hist first child's mother has grown up to be as stable an adult as you have? Yes or no.

Does LEXREX owe her financial remuneration for the pain and suffering he contributed to by your "young and foolish" sowing of oats? Yes or no. Would it equal the cost of raising the child to college age, or would she feel LEX owes her more?

Should the doctor who performed LEX's shared abortion face retroactive punishment for the crime he was paid to commit? Yes or no.

Where is the woman that did not become Mrs. Regier? Does she know how blessed your life is? Yes or no.
Anonymous said…
lexrex said...
ahhhhh. i will miss the "civility" of my liberal friends.

Yeah, Rob...we'll miss your civility, too...what was that you said about South Dakotans Against Discrimination's Jon Hoadley being dead by age 40 simply because he's gay? Pretty civil, Rob.
Anonymous said…
Regier's wife is only useful as a prop in conversations where her race can specifically be used to claim he's not a bigot. And that homosexuals are not equal to him.

Or when the Mrs. can call into radio forums and claim to be an anonymous complete supporter of his work (thus wasting time for the host and other callers who might disagree with him.)
Anonymous said…
Jon Hoadley will likely still be involved in South Dakota politics when he's 40, (perhaps maybe even as our Congressman) and probably be as happily married under SD and UDA law as Robert Regier is ...
lexrex said…
anonymous 1:25, i never personally smeared anybody, particularly daschle's wife. she was a subject of debate, though, because of her role as a lobbyist. my wife is a stay-at-home mom. hardly the same thing.
lexrex said…
anonymous 1:25 re: my getting into the country club: i jumped the fence.
lexrex said…
anonymous 4:14, again, why don't you stop by my office and make those kind of comments to my face, instead of hiding behind your anonymity. you want to talk about my wife? be man enough to do it in the open. or, be human enough to leave her out of this.

you demonstrate once again that tolerance is a one-way street with you liberals.

by the way, my wife has never called into any radio programs.
Anonymous said…
Au contraire, Lexrex. Your specialty is smearing and it made you famous for 30 seconds on Meet the Press with your silly ad featuring Daschle and Saddam. Maybe you forgot painting Daschle with the same brush as a crazed mass murderer and placing the full page ads in daily newspapers.

Your reputation is substantiated, so why not be proud of it? I just don't know what that has to do with a ministry.

Again, I don't remember hearing you cry foul to the attacks on Mrs. Daschle. You had the podium and you failed to stand up for the principle you so angrily state here.

RE: "you demonstrate once again that tolerance is a one-way street with you liberals." One does not have to be a liberal to recognize a creep in broad daylight.
Anonymous said…
Oh how I love the Daschle got dumped crowd. You have no one else to take your frustration out on so you kick Regier around and make strawman comments about his wife.

Y'all are pissed off b/c it was the evangelical crowd who helped kicked daschle's smarmy ass out of office. Regeir was left standing and at least he got getting rid of homosexual marriage. I'll take that win and cherish it just like the daschle defeat.

Rob you got rid of gay marriage and that means alot to many of us out here. Keep fighting the lords fight!
Anonymous said…
At least Rob didn't dump his first wife like an old car on the side of the road.

It must take guts to dump a wife for a beauty queen.

Oh that's right, Daschle did stand up for his wife, on a pile of phone books.
Anonymous said…
lexrex said - "you demonstrate once again that tolerance is a one-way street with you liberals."

You lost me, Rob. What was said that smeared your wife? I don't see anything here that fits that description.

What are these people here supposed to be tolerant about? Because you made bigoted remarks about Jon Hoadley, because you "discussed" Daschle's wife, or because you compared our former senator to a mass murderer? Or were all of those things acceptable because you were fighting the Lord's fight?

I don't think that is what Jesus would do.
Anonymous said…
8:05 - You forgot about the woman who had the abortion that Rob paid for. Does that count for anything?
Anonymous said…
"Rob you got rid of gay marriage"

Gay marriage was already gone you doofus.
Anonymous said…
Mrs. Ellis-3:59, those questions are very personnal, and very inappropriate. They serve absolutely no purpose here, other that you trying to insult Mr. Regier. Who really cares about the answers to any of your ridiculous questions? PP did us a favor by posting the story of Rob's leaving the SDFPC.You're turning it into a linch mob. No one, short of a criminal on the witness stand, deserves to be insulted and needled like that. Grow up!
Waylon Bruce said…
It is painful to listen to Robert Regier abuse SD Public Radio forums and use his wife shamelessly as a ventriloquist dummy for his own warped views. Are the civil rights struggles of blacks and gays equal? No, Robert speaks for his wife, (whom it would at times appear he married completely because her race is useful in discussions like this) she is completey offended by such cruel "sinful" comparisons. Using his wifes race as a prop, Regier says he cannot be considered a bigot because of his racial preferences in chosing a mate.

Would he compare his wife as easily to pathological liars, alcoholics, murderers and subhuman beasts as does with South Dakotas law abiding tax paying gays and lesbians too often using disproven quack science of the disbarred Paul Cameron?

I'd be offended if I were Mrs. Regier by the contempt he has for his fellow man outside closed doors.

He has boasted of his ability to perform career assassination as was his goal in in getting Thune elected to the Senate, albeit with the help of a gay male prostitute in Washington.

Regier has earned no right to be offended, he's been a mudslinger for hire all his professional career.
Mrs. Ellis said…
Anonymous 9:59 - No $ale.

Rob makes money telling people about his abortion. His family benefits financially because of his premarital sex.

Yes for Life/6 made the such graphic details part of a public campaign. Rob only makes money telling how his abortion made his life better, while his side attacks the women exactly like those whose abortion he paid for.

Regier throws stones while living in a glass house. He isn't man enough to deal with the consequences.

Answer the questions, Lex/Regier.

You've come into our homes and offices already.
Mom said…
This sure isn't the place to cut and paste whole pages -- obviously you have difficulty making a point quickly and in your own words.

Rob: Good for you standing up for your wife and family. There are many women that I know would give so much to have a husband that moves quickly to defend them.

PP: It appears to me that this thread has dipped below the threshhold that you usually maintain for your site. The name calling and inappropreate questions are truly below polite company standards.

Those who have posted here: You certainly have strong feelings. It is the epitomy of intolerance to use name calling and ask intensely personal questions when you are anonymous. It reduces your own worth to attack another's worth in this way. Perhaps some apologies are in order.

If you can't say something nice--or at least in an appropriate way--then it is wise to maintain silence.

Mrs. Ellis: To ask these questions, first, you should ask using your real name. Second, you should ask them face to face in Rob's office -- nicely and politely--if you really want answers. What you are doing here is showing us your true character--and I don't think that even you would like you very much.
Nana said…
Mom, You are correct. My grandmother used to say that two wrongs never make a right. I believe that applies here.

So, despite the fact that Rob Reiger has ridiculed people, made disparaging remarks about individuals, and publicly judged people, it doesn't make it right for other people to behave in an equally terrible way.

It is, however, understandable how that could happen.

My grandma also had another saying: What goes around, comes around.
Mrs. Ellis said…
"mom" -- If the words of Vote Yes on 6 do not apply to the abortion paid for by the head of the South Dakota Family Policy Council, who do they apply to?

Does the woman whose abortion he admits he paid for agree with his views on abortion?

Regier makes public speeches about his abortion. he allows those he allies himself with to tarnish the reputations of the women who have them with dubious science.

Regier chooses NOT TO make his abortion a PRIVATE issue.
a_big_liberal said…
lexrex said: "you demonstrate once again that tolerance is a one-way street with you liberals."

Yup. Us darn liberals are so intolerant. That's why we're the ones trying to remove basic rights from disenfranchised groups of people. Oh, wait...

Wow,'s got to be tough that some people just won't tolerate your bigotry, no matter how hard you try to frame it as something other than that. Better luck next time!
Anonymous said…
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
Anonymous said…
7:31 am - You either wrote your remarks as a sarcastic joke, or your ignorance is overwhelming.
People do not have to be gay or lesbian to be offended by the things that Rob Regier has said and done. Kicking other people around in the name of religion is offensive to most people.
PP said…
okay, I've done some cleanup because it's getting out of hand.

Instead of talking about him leaving his position, we're talking about him being a murderer, and we're getting the word "homo" used in reply.

Time to dial things down a few notches.
lexrex said…
pp, be clear that it was not i who used the word "homo" in reply to anyone, or that i called anyone a name.

i have always made an effort to keep things civil. the whole daschle/hussein ad thing is debatable, perhaps beyond the pale of how i normally might operate, but i think you can just ask people i engage in debate such as barry lynn, kate looby, jon hoadley, or todd epp or observers such as randell beck about my professionalism and civility.

true, sometimes the very nature of what i say is divisive. sometimes telling the truth, or anything that people don't want to hear, hurts and convicts. but i think they would all attest that i always made an effort to be both professional and civil.

things that i have said in the past about my political foes will always be taken out of context by many of you liberals, such as that daschle/hussein ad. i expect that. but if you truly knew me or were more familiar with those situations, you would know that i don't say or do those things out of malice.

you want to call me names? that's fine. but don't engage in gossip about my wife. you're coming awfully close to crossing the line of what's appropriate.
Anonymous said…
Sounds to me like what is appropriate depends on whose toes are being stepped on.
PP said…
A couple of footnotes...

Lex, you are correct, It was not your comments that I had a problem with.

I deleted something from a left leaning poster that went a bit over the top in calling lexrex a murderer for doing something in the past he openly regrets. If the poster who got bumped wants to expound on that, he has his own blog to do it with. I'm not going to chew him out, because I don't think it's my place, but in my judgment, it just seemed a bit extreme. (And it's my blog, so I do get to be judge).

And I also deleted a comment from a right leaning poster talking about "homos." If I allow that, what's next? The "N-word"?

And before anyone says it, yes on occasion, sometimes I might do posts that people think are over the top, and I leave them up. Why am I applying a different standard? In that instance, I'd rather take my medicine than mitigate it.

Yes, I allow things to get pretty free-wheeling at times, but it's an invitation to debate, not to call names.
Tammy Weis said…
Thank you pp

My faith in your blog is "mostly" restored.

There is a huge difference between debate and name calling. Strong feeling CAN be expressed appropriately. Those with VERY strong feelings -- who push the edge--- really should use their real name.

It is amazing how it makes you refocus and restate, when you know that someone that you may meet on the street later might bring up your comments in conversation.
Anonymous said…
If you liberals who love homosexual marriage want to bash Rob for the Daschle/Hussien comparison you will have to defend Tim Johnson and his Republican Taliban comments.

Tim Johnson never wore a uniform in his life, except for maybe at McDonalds, and has most certainly not faced the enemey in combat.

What basis does he have to compare Republicans in SD with the Taliban. And please don't give me the stuff about his son in the army. TJ has to stand on his own not on the shoulders of his own son.

Again this whole Rob bashing goes back to him not supporting homosexual marriage. It seems like the supporters of gay marriage can't stomach their loss.
Anonymous said…
Does Lex/Regier know what has become of the first woman to carry his child, since he gives speeches about her? Simple question.
Thomas said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
"I deleted something from a left leaning poster that went a bit over the top in calling lexrex a murderer for doing something in the past he openly regrets."
Wow. A left-leaning (likely pro-abortion) person calling somebody a murderer? A real case of the kettle calling the pot black!
On the other hand, no offense to Mr. Regier and Mrs. Unruh, who appear to be sincerely regretful of their past actions, but I wish these pro-life and pro-family organizations could be led by people who have practiced what they preach. It sure would help with credibility issues.
Anonymous said…
3:23 - In Ms. Unruh's case, it also would help her credibility if she personally was not making a lot of money from her involvement in the anti-abortion movement.
Mrs. Ellis said…
It is with regret that I announce that my family has finally taken too much money from the well meaning citizens of South Dakota.

This morality stuff works even better than Amway.

But we got the tar beaten out of us this year losing on the lottery, the abortion issue, the whole activist judges issue. And barely winning on marijuana and gay marriage.

The worst part was that we expected to win handily on abortion and demonizing homosexuals. Steve Hildebrand and Jon Hoadley actually beat us time after time putting facts and hard work against our name calling, deceptions, and scandal after scandal involving our tactics, money raising/laundering, and use of out of state groups with ties to porn and escort services.

But what can I say, you people have taken us into your hearts, homes, and wallets. We will miss taking your money, and no, you can't have any of it back.

Rob Regier,
Ex Master of the Universe, SD Familees for Babies and stuff.

(P.S. My retirement is just as voluntary as Donald Rumsfeld's. Leslee wants my desk cleaned out so she can have it gold plated to be worthy of her stuff.)

(P.P.S. Even if you never mentioned my wife, I'm offended on behalf of my wife because it gains me sympathy.)

(P.P.P.S. Nobody understands satire, so don't even try it.)
Anonymous said…
"I hope Rob stays in South Dakota and helps lead the fight against abortion and the homosexuals."

Whoever wrote this must have a deluded, sad life. I pity you, truly.
George Carlin said…
These conservatives are really something, aren't they? They are all in favor of the unborn, they will do anything for the unborn, but once you're born, you're on your own! Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that they don't want to know about you, they don't want to hear from you . . . no neo-natal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing! If you're pre-born, you're fine. If you're pre-school, you're fucked. Conservatives don't give a shit about you until you reach military age. Then they think you are just fine, just what they've been looking for. Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers. Pro-life... these people aren't pro-life, they're killing doctors! What kind of pro-life is that? They'll do anything they can to save a fetus, but if it grows up to be a doctor they just might have to kill it? They're not pro-life. You know what they are? They're anti-woman. Simple as it gets, anti-woman -- they don't like them. They don't like women. They believe a woman's primary role is to function as a broodmare for the state. Pro-life, you don't see many of these anti-abortion women volunteering to have any black fetuses transplanted into their uteruses, do you? No, you don't see them adopting a whole lot of crack babies, do you? No, that might be something Christ would do! And you won't see a lot of these pro-life people dousing themselves in kerosene and lighting themselves on fire. You know, morally committed people in South Vietnam knew how to stage a god-damned demonstration, didn't they? They knew how to put on a fuckin' protest. Light youself on fire! Come on, you moral crusaders, let's see a little smoke to match that fire in your belly... "Hey, if they really want to get serious, what about all the sperm that are wasted when the state executes a condemned man, and one of these pro-life guys who's watching cums in his pants, huh? Here's a guy standing over there with his jockey shorts full of little Vinnies and Debbies, and nobody's saying a word to the guy. Not every ejaculation deserves a name. Now, speaking of consistency, Catholics -- which I was until I reached the age of reason -- Catholics and other Christians are against abortions, and they're against homosexuals. Well who has less abortions than homosexuals? Leave these ******* people alone, for Christ sakes! Here is an entire class of people guaranteed never to have an abortion, and the Catholics and Christians are just tossing them aside! You'd think they'd make natural allies.Go look for consistency in religion. And speaking of my friends, the Catholics, when John Cardinal O'Connor of New York, and some of these other Cardinals and Bishops have experienced their first pregnancies and their first labor pains, and they've raised a couple of children on minimum wage, then I'll be glad to hear what they have to say about abortion. I'm sure it will be interesting and enlightening.
Anonymous said…
PP, please, do you have to allow this smut on your website?
Anonymous said…
he allows lexrex/regier on
Joan said…
Anyone who wants to quote George Carlin should at least have enough sense - and taste - to *** out the profanity.
Unless the person who posted that message had the sole intent of offending people, that person defeated his or her purpose by not doing so because the profane words distract from the message.
Mrs. Ellis said…
If abortion is murder as the Dakota Voice and Sibby claim, and Rob Regier admits he paid for one, then he, the woman and the doctor are accomplices to what his group and allies deem a crime.

The question is ... would he repeat the medical claims of Vote Yes on 6 to the woman he had "part of his past" with?

How much of the law he supported (with emergency contraception etc) would have applied to his case?

Does the woman who had his first unborn child know he makes money telling "their" joint story?

This has nothing to do with the current Mrs. Regier. This has to do with the selective version of the truth he uses as his Christian witnessing. It has to do with whether he believes his group's, Bob Ellis', Steve Sibson, and Leslee Unruh's positions.

Or is he simply above the laws he supports?
George Carlin said…
Sorry, I didn't get all of the words adults use edited down for you. I forgot about how many underage kids must read the War College.

If this is the first time you have ever seen curse words on a blog, you can ask for your money back from the box office.

You could always respond to the argument raised by the posting, than the syntax.

Nah. The profane acts are what's described ... not the description itself.
Joan said…
Well, George - I'm way over the age of consent and I don't offend nearly as easily as many of the War College readers do.

I'm not a fan of Rob Regier's, and I agree with much of what Carlin says. But I don't agree with the manner in which he says it.

Most people who attend Carlin's performances, or tune in to watch him on cable, know what to expect. That is not the case here, and you knew it when you quoted him without bothering to clean up the language.

If you wanted to offend people, you did a good job of it. And you hurt your cause - and mine - in the process.
Anonymous said…
To utilize George Carlin as some sort of social compass is futile. The man's frontal lobe is clogged with hops and bong residue.
Anonymous said…
PP, if George Carlin is the type of blog site you want to be known for, leave it up. All of us can use the f word, the N word, etc. Pat, just let us know what you want your site to be used as.
Anonymous said…
"anonymous 1:25, i never personally smeared anybody, particularly daschle's wife. she was a subject of debate, though, because of her role as a lobbyist. my wife is a stay-at-home mom. hardly the same thing."


Anonymous 1:25 here. I thought about this for a while and came to the conclusion that your wife, by your logic above, IS fair game.

You exploited her, just as you exploited your abortion to further your career. The discussion here has been about your career which you've attempted to frame as a ministry for Christ, all the while bathing yourself in God and Christ and holy purpose in your letter.

You and I know that your exploitation of God to do your political backstabbing and corrupt ministry of bigotry is the name of your game. Exploiting your abortion and your wife, just as you did in your letter, are more of the same.

Of course, at the end of your service at SDFPC, you claim to have built friendships and accomplished great deeds as the inventory of your work.

But, search your heart, which will last longer, the claim of great deeds and friendships playing dirtball politics in the name of God, or your exploitation of your abortion, your wife and God in the name of dirtball politics?

Perhaps you'll move along telling people about toppling Tom Daschle with your ad pairing Dashle with Saddam Hussein and about your war against gays and reproductive choice. However, the people who really know your story will remember the ugly stain you left behind.

Dehumanizing gays and dehumanizing women and girls to become broodmares for the state (damn, that was a good one, George Carlin!), all the while exploiting your abortion for cash and fame, make one hell of a resume. Good luck, bud.
Anonymous said…
If something offends you, don't read it. I thought you conservatives could take care of yourselves? Now you want Dear Leader PP to step in and tell you what you can and can't read?

It's fun watching your party come apart at the seams. You have no idea what you stand for anymore.
Anonymous said…
Hey lexrex, Is it true that you and loony Leslee have been fighting like cats and dogs? What was the problem, did she want all of the spotlight for herself? Or has she been picking on your wife too?
Anonymous said…
If I spoke publicaly about being raped would that give you the right to rip me apart on the blog and ask all kinds of questions that are actually none of your business?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
5:02--I am with you there.

What if I was a drug addict who finally got free and didn't want anyone else to go through what I did. What if I spoke out? Would that give the drug addicts and those who have never tried drugs the right to smear me.

What if I tried the homosexual life style and discovered that it caused all kinds of pain and suffering for my family. That even though I still had some homosexual urges I decided that the pain it caused me and others wasn't worth giving in to those urges. What if I changed my life style and wanted to warn other of the mess I made of my life by dabbling in a little same-sex slap and tickle. THEN I suppose that smearing me on the blog would be OK???

What if I tried religion and found that I hated it????
Anonymous said…
People who attack other people should not be surprised when people strike back. And when you reveal information about past mistakes, you have provided them with ammunition.
Had Rob Regier never taken public swipes at other people, I could feel sorry for him. But the adage about what goes around comes around really does fit this situation.
Anonymous said…
It almost makes me physically sick to read all the hatred and malice on this blog toward a man who has taken a courageous and Biblical stand against homsexuality and abortion. You make fun of everything good and noble and pure. It is almost as if Satan himself has taken over this blog. You have no compassion or concern of people who have made mistakes and are now truly sorry and repentant, as if you yourselves are above reproach. You are truly hypocrites. It saddens me that I may share this state of SD with this type of people. Or are you activists from around the country or the world,trying to scare Christians into hiding?
been there said…
Mrs Ellis, are you Bob's wife? Poor guy. And maybe that is the REAL George Carlin. I'd hate to think there is someone else on the loose out there that perverted.
Mrs. Ellis said…
To ask Robert Regier how the abortion law he worked to pass would have affected the abortion he talks about to earn money is the work of Satan?

I'm asking him to tell the truth. No wonder you're physically sick.

Regier either believes what he's spent his time in the state saying or he doesn't.

Regier either respects the woman whose abortion he paid his "half" of or he doesn't.

Regier either believes the statements made by the Yes on Life campaign or he doesn't.

If the information from every Vote Yes For Life letter and blog is right: Robert Regier increased his ex girlfriend's chances of suicide, may have gotten her hooked on cocaine, given her cancer, made her visit her doctors 180% times more often, and made her infertile.

Does the ex-girlfriend know he how much he makes per speech talking about god forgiving him for his moment of weakness? Has he ever sent her any of this money he's made talking about her life?

If he believes the statements of the Yes on 6 campaign, he is not a moral man if he is not accepting responsibility for his "past."

Regier's abortion would either have been legal or it would not have been.

Asking Regier if he lives up the standards he is paid to speak about ... is a Christian act.
Anonymous said…
6:03 Anon -- What if ex-gay treatment programs were fraudulant and virtually every ex-gay poster child was found not to have been "cured." What if these ex-gay treatment programs were found to do more harm than "alleged" good.

[What if James Dobson said it would take 5 years to successfully deal with pastor Haggard because ... sigh he's too busy watching Spongebob reruns for secret gay innuendo to deal with him.]

What it it was your family's problem with homosexuality not yours.

If you were a drug addict who spoke about your pusher, and based your living on your past use, and supported specific laws that affected your pusher's possession of drugs but not yours ... the analogy might be closer to that of Regier

If you tried religion and hated it, you need to try harder and find the right cult. Several of the other anon on here probably have one to recommend.
Anonymous said…
if you don't wish to live in a state that would reject an abortion ban, move.
anonymous said…
I forgive Regier his "alternative" lifestyle. We know he was not born a Republican, but there are aversion programs that can help him change.

God will judge him on the way he treated his unborn child, and his or her mother ... or perhaps it will be Satan.

I wouldn't dare presume to speak for either.
Anonymous said…
Okay. Now this is getting boring. Rob, if you need help loading stuff in the U-Haul, just call.

Thanks for helping us defeat the abortion ban. If it weren't for the whack-factor from the elite cultists (you, Leslee, the bloody fetus trucks, etc.) it would not have lost in a landslide.
Anonymous said…
Be an honorable man and simply answer the questions Rob "LexRex" Regier.

Answer them before your friends, your enemies, your family, and your supporters on here.

Tell the truth, and everyone will think more of you.
Anonymous said…
As far as I can tell, mrs. Ellis must be the woman who had Rob's baby aborted. Why else would she be so completely obsessed with the subject? Or could she be her mother?
It's impossible for a rational thread to be conducted by liberals.Time and time again I hear pro-lifers discredited by such phrases as "you've never been in that predicament,or, you men could never get pregnant so what do you know, or, your family must have never been in that tough situatuion or you'd think differently, etc., etc. Now we have a pro-life leader who actually has been in that situation, and you trash him mercilessly, and hound him with nonsensical questions. You CANNOT have it both ways!!
Anonymous said…
10:57 PM - Correction. Rob Regier had a pregnant girlfriend. He himself was not pregnant. He didn't experience morning sickness, nor did he have to think about going through labor himself.

Generalizing about people by pinning liberal or conservative labels is an irrational act in itself. Those of us who have been labeled as liberal have also been called baby killers and murderers because we believe there are instances where women should have choices. Does that mean that 56 percent of South Dakotans who voted against the abortion ban deserve that label?

Is "Mrs. Ellis" taking this too far? To some degree, yes. But some of the points that he or she is making are valid ones.

Rob Regier opened himself up for this criticism. "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
Mrs. Ellis said…
What's nonsensical about asking a man who admitted his abortion to the Concerned Women of America after being paid to speak about his past with abortion?

He has no problem telling people about his sinful actions (or pointing fingers at the actions of anyone else).

If the accusations are "cruel" and "sickening" it's because they come from his side of the aisle.

If Bob Ellis, Steve Sibson, and Leslee Unruh are willing to attack the women who have had abortions, they are pointing the finger of guilt at Regier. Oh wait, he's someone they know. The accusations don't apply to the moral "royals" of SD.

If Regier has not addressed the alleged scientific claims of Yes for Life/6 with the ex-girlfriend (let;s call her "Jane Doe"), there are few words to describe how little he cares for his fellow man.

According to Yes for Life, Regier's actions with the woman may have destroyed her life and health. If he believes his own side, for him not to know which (if any) of these results have occurred to the woman is criminal. [Chances of suicide, cocaine and hard drug use, cancer, doctors visits up 180% and infertility.]

If Regier hasn't seen firsthand the damage his business and personal relationship with Jane Doe resulted in as claimed by his defenders, comrades, (or perhaps in the case of Mrs. Unruh,) challengers, he cannot claim to be a moral leader, unless, perhaps his born again-ing absoved him of responsibility for his past actions.

Or is being a moral leader in South Dakota only about being given substantial amounts of money for criticizing others?
Anonymous said…
it sounds like "killing a baby" as the act is referred to on was the best thing to happen to Regier's career if God has rewarded him since.

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