My godhood for a day

If you hadn't noted it yet, I selected my topic over at Mt. Blogmore for my Mt. Blogmore godhood for a day. Go check it out.


Anonymous said…
blogmore? blogmore? What the hell is wrong with you, pp? blogmore is the base camp for the Leftist Insurgent Associate Regiment (LIAR)!

being chosen "blogmore god of the day" is like getting your Communist Party card in the mail--I wouldn't be bragging to everyone about it!
Anonymous said…
I agree about Blogmore's annoying leftist/elitist leanings, but maybe having PP aboard, at least for a moment, will help. Except his choice of topic (yawn) isn't going to further the cause. Oh well.
Boiled Owl said…
Oh, do you mean Mt. Blogmore, where people actually know how to think and write for themselves without using right wing extremist buzzwords and platitudes and additionally aren't afraid to use their real names because they're not beholden to jackbooted tyrannical party leaders who make them march in lockstep?
Anonymous said…
Mr. boiled owl, it is much better than the left-wing, liberal biased Argus, that actually claims to be an unbiased source of reporting for our state and region. At least PP doesn't hide this conservative alligience...
Boiled Owl said…
Anon. 5:09. I agree.

People should be open about their biases.
That leads to better communication, to the degree either party is actually open to communicating.
Nicholas Nemec said…
Anon 1:10 & 1:53

Head over to Blogmore if you want to have an intelligent conversation. Idiots are quickly exposed there. I hope PP continues to post at Blogmore, he would be a welcome addition with a conservative point of view. If you want hand wringing, head nodding, and regurgation of the talking points go somewhere else.
Douglas said…
I have posted in a few forums and several blogs. Mt. Blogmore is one of the most interesting. Mt. Blogmore has an interesting mixture of posts libertarian, leftist, theocratic, rightist, progressive, and a few boneheaded posts which as Nick Nemec has indicated are usually shredded.

It also has some direction (now and then too much) from professional reporters who do a pretty good job of herding cats even if it seems to delay posting significantly which seems to be one of the few valid criticisms of Blogmore.

Napoli's attack on Blogmore is offbase. He stuck his foot in his mouth and posting on Blogmore did not help him extract it.

Blogmore was a VERY conservative, reactionary blog when it started. It is a lot more interesting with multiple is DWC and even my own blog.

Stay tuned. SD has a pretty good collection of blogs.

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