The final incarnation? Or will it change before the ink is yet dry?

I'm seeking confirmation at the moment, but I hear that a deal may have been struck among the caucus members to form the next GOP Senate Leadership team. And allegedly, this group has the votes to make it happen.

Stay tuned. As soon as I hear something more substantial, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said…
OK PP - what's the scoop?
Anonymous said…
I wonder what position Bill Napoli will receive in the leadership...
Anonymous said…
**yawn** I guess PP fell asleep at the computer.

Why not tell us what the rumour is, with the understanding that it may be wrong?
Anonymous said…
What? Does this mean pro-choice Republican Ed Olson is the new Senate leader ... and that must mean Mr. Stan "De Checkbook" Adelstein is the next State Chairman.

Saved, at last!

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