Hot Springs Mayor facing election a little earlier than expected

If you've forgotten, Carl Oberlitner, the mayor of Hot Springs was mentioned on this website several months ago as a mayor some might argue was behaving badly:
The Rapid City Journal is reporting this morning that Hot Springs Mayor Carl Oberlitner admits he made mistakes on a land exchange for the local golf course. And on the sale of the library.

But heck, at least he's not out there beating up his wife, fighting with locals, or getting a DUI:
Hot Springs Mayor Carl Oberlitner said Thursday that he made mistakes on the controversial Hot Springs golf course land exchange and on the sale of the former city library, but he said he made the mistakes honestly in efforts to do what was best for the city.

A state audit, requested by the city council, found that the city did not follow proper procedures in a land exchange that resulted in a nine-hole addition to the city golf course. It also found that city officials at the last minute added requirements for bids on the former Carnegie Library without council approval, a violation of state law. State auditors presented their report to the city council Sept. 20.
Read that here.

Now, according to, the same Mayor Oberlitner is now facing a recall election because of that very same situation:
Embattled Hot Springs Mayor Carl Oberlitner’s fate as mayor is now in the hands of the city’s voters.

The city council voted 6-2 at Monday’s meeting to approve a petition submitted by petitioners seeking to remove Oberlitner as the city’s mayor, city finance officer Cheryl Wait said.

Wait said she told the council there was “nothing wrong” with the petition since there were 462 valid signatures -- six more than the necessary 456.

The council then voted to approve the petition and set a June 5 election to decide if Oberlitner will stay in office.

That means Oberlitner will have to run again to finish the term he was originally elected to serve.
Read that all here.

That's something you don't see very often in South Dakota - a recall election. They actually got enough signatures of mad, disgruntled residents to make it happen. But if you look at that community, it seems that there are significant division along those lines.

So, is this a solid recall? Or is it a bunch of B.S., and Oberlitner will be re-elected handily?


Anonymous said…
PP, Can District 8 do that to Sutton?
PP said…
That's a good question. I don't know if the State Constitution provides for a recall mechanism for legislators.
Anonymous said…
PP. only 31 comment in the last five topics. What is going on?

Are the mainstream newspapers crowding you out. They seem to be getting a lot of business after improving their pages!

Is your hit count down?
Anonymous said…
7:57, you must be a lib. You sound almost gleeful and would love it if traffic on this blog went down. But it won't, because this is the only place that isn't overrun by left-wingers.
Anonymous said…
You know-- you left wingers could go hang out somewhere else--I think that the hit counts here would be just fine without your constant whining
citizenT said…
I tripped onto your blog by accident, it's a good read. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
What you have to realize in this whole matter is look at the last election, when Councilperson Jose Trinidad ran against Oberlitner and was beat. Is it possible someone has a thorn in their side and is trying to even up the score? Trinidad is a man who can hardly speak the English language and he is trying to interpret the law? Do I need to bring up any more red flags? Or is my message becoming clear?

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