Leaving Laurent. Or Laurent leaving. One of those two.

The Little town of Laurent which was planned around Salem, is apparently never to be. KELOland.com is reporting this AM that the town planners are picking up roots and moving to Indianapolis:
The Laurent Institute now says key members of the organization are leaving the area and relocating to Indianapolis.

The group says it will move because of a failed funding package. The Institute also blamed the move on declining enrollment at the South Dakota School for the Deaf in Sioux Falls.

It also cited a rapidly declining deaf and signing population in Sioux Falls due to changes at Communication Services for the Deaf.
Read it all here. They were done in by cochlear implants? Apparently so, because the State providing for them has been the biggest change that I'm aware of.


Anonymous said…
Maybe that guy who heads the Communication Services for the Deaf and makes a million dollars a year should have donated more to their town. What was their funding package, anyway?
Anonymous said…

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