Focus SD (the 527) is into Stan for another 20k?

I had reported the other day that Focus South Dakota, was into Stan Adelstein for about $25,000, after he gave them a yet another donation in the amount of $15,000:

Well, today as I'm waiting for my car to warm up, I went and looked at the PAC reports, and for Focus South Dakota's 527 corp, apparently they're into for Republican Senator Stan Adelstein's business, NW Engineering, for yet another $20,000.

(Click to enlarge)

In addition to the thousands he's donated to them, he's loaned them just short of $50,000 total for the purposes of promoting Democratic Candidates, and to attack Republicans.

Again. Just remember that in 2008 when he tries to run as a Republican Candidate.


Anonymous said…
Forward SD or Focus SD?
PP said…
Oops. My bad. That's what happens when I get in a hurry.
Anonymous said…
Can you give it a rest with the Adelstein stuff? We get your point. We got it about 50 posts ago.
Anonymous said…
I say more Stan stuff!

Let's bury this guy while we can. His ardent support of D's while remaining an R is disengenous to say the least.

Bury Stan with 50 more posts!
Anonymous said…
I say we can save a lot of time and effort if Stan would just switch to a "D," which he really is anyway.
Anonymous said…
So basically what all these posts are saying is that I, as a Democrat, should never support any Republican even though some Republican candidates might align more with my beliefs than the current Democratic candidate?

And any Democrat that does support a Republican should become a pariah in the Democratic Party?

Ok, got it. Thanks for clarifying.
Anonymous said…
2:52, I don't know what the other folks meant. I don't care whbo supports who. I am just saying that Stan should be honest and register (and run for office he so wishes) as a Democrat.
Anonymous said…

Are you a Democratic officeholder (or former officeholder) that gives money to an organization whose mission is a Republican majority? I think that would be a little closer comparison.
PP said…
What this is about is that for several years now, Stan has acted as a divisive force within the GOP and done everything he can to destroy it.

When he gets called on the carpet for it (i.e. loses in a primary) he went all the way and solely supported the Democrats in the election, in efforts to further damage the GOP.

For crying out loud, he put himself (it wasn't Billion doing it) out there as a potential Democratic Lt. Gov Candidate.

At the end of the election he already intimated that he might be running in 2008 as a Republican - again asking for the support of the political party he's done everything in his grasp to tear down.

As far as I'm concerned - Never again.
Gimmie A Break said…

You just don't like Stan cuz he's not a pro-life crazy person like yourself!
Anonymous said…
"Stan has acted as a divisive force within the GOP and done everything he can to destroy it."

You guys don't need any help. Your party is destroying itself, from within. In the battle of the theocrat wing of the R party vs. the libertarian wing of the R party, Stan Adelstein will have a very minor role, if any at all.
Anonymous said…
2:52..You mean like Joe Lieberman?

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