Well, what do we know tonight?

While the rest of you are watching the Superbowl, I'm illustrating perfectly that when I'm in Pierre, I have no life. I'm looking at PAC reports this evening.

What do we know from the end of year reports being filed? Here's what I came up with (and you can click on any of the images to enlarge).

For Focus South Dakota, they're into Stan Adelstein for about $25,000. And that's after he gave them a yet another donation in the amount of $15,000:

(Republicans, let's just remember that when he tries to run as a Republican for State Senate in 2008. OK?)

And the Cities of Newell, Gary, and Big Stone City like their video lottery. How do I know this?

Because the "No on 7" people had to give these municipalities their donations back. Speaking of donations given back, I see where the Ballot Question Committee "Voteyesforlife.com" had to give a little check back:

On the 11/2/2006 report, there is indeed a donation of that amount from Dwight corresponding to this refund. And on the most recent report, you'll also find another $250k from Promising Future, Inc.

The Ballot Question Committee "Forward South Dakota" got another $1000 from the "South Dakota Association. And I'm sure that issue is going to continue to play out.

I hope the Dems have some money in their federal account. It's looking a little skinny in their state funds from the latest report. $197,000+ in the hole is not a good place to start for 2008.

And a pair of the Stan-PACs actually laid low. A Better South Dakota and and All South Dakota had nothing for intake and only nominal bank fees going out.

Now, if we can only get all the lawsuits and investigations completed over the PAC and Ballot Committees in the 2006 election, maybe we could start to think about 2008.


nonnie said…
PP, are Forward South Dakota and the South Dakota Ass'n the two Democrat PAC's that you can't follow back to see who is really donating to them? I know I read something about this a few months ago before the election. If so, why aren't these groups the focus of an investigation just like Hunt is?
Anonymous said…
Anon 6:30, because the MSM won't touch them. They only question the conservative/pro-life PACs.
Anonymous said…
way to follow up PP, I appreciate the info.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad I don't live in Gary!

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