That must have been a rough guesstimate. I think they were a little off.

The Rapid City Journal is reporting tonight that people and dinosaurs once co-existed. Or at least you'd think so by some of the testimony regarding the bill that was introduced to violate private property rights at Bear Butte:
So many witnesses, pro and con, turned out for a hearing Thursday, the House Local Government Committee didn’t have time to vote on HB1227.

“Any liquor licenses next to Bear Butte are way too close,” Anne White Hat told lawmakers in a crowded committee room.


White Hat said Indian tribes owned land near Bear Butte, too, and their property rights should be protected. “Millions of dollars versus millions of years of use of this sacred site. That is what’s at issue here today, people,” she said.
Read it here. Millions of years? I think it might have been a few hundred tops that it was used by the Sioux, more if you count those who were in the area before them. But millions? Please. That's just sillyness.

Emotional appeals aside, it all gets down to whether or not we respect private property rights. If the people who own the land are using it within the law, and the local people don't care to change the ordinances to prohibit what business the owners conduct on their land, then it shouldn't be an argument.


Anonymous said…
...and your attitude is exactly why Native Americans do not support your party. Just in case you and Elli were wondering.
Anonymous said…
...and p.s., no, this is not about private property rights. This is about these people's right to worship at their sacred site in peace. The fact that you don't get that is a real problem.
Bob Ellis said…
I agree that her math about the period of usage is way off, but if you believe the Bible, dinosaurs and humans did coexist (both were created on Day 6).
mjb said…
5:32, yes it is. If they have such a problem with the adjacent landowners, they should buy the land.

What church do you know that has a 4 mile buffer zone around it?
Nicholas Nemec said…
Anon 5:25 is right. If your smart alec attitude is in any way indicative of the the attitude of the SD GOP toward Native Americans and their issues you can kiss native support good by.

Establishing some kind of buffer zone around Bear Butte would be an important step on the road of racial reconciliation. Mocking those efforts is insulting and worse than doing nothing.

Gov. George S. Mickelson recognized the importance of good racial relations and made steps in that direction with his "Year of Reconciliation". Subsequent leaders of this state have not shared his dedication. Mike Rounds, with his weak leadership style, doesn't even try.

Show some respect PP. I know you are better man than this post indicates.
Anonymous said…
"If your smart alec attitude is in any way indicative of the the attitude of the SD GOP toward Native Americans and their issues you can kiss native support good by."
What Native support are you referring to? The reservations always vote overwhelmingly Democrat, even though the situation on the reservations and for Native Americans continues to get worse. Maybe supporting the GOP would bring better things. And by the way, 5:25, Elli cares very much about Native Americans and did a lot of good things in a quiet way, unlike certain Dems who flaunt "good works" for publicity and photo-ops. What a ridiculous comment for you to make.
Anonymous said…
I love when Ellis chimes in about his 6,000 year old Earth. Comic relief.
VJ said…
I don't know about Bear Butte, but there should be a 4 mile buffer zone around Stan Adelstein!
Douglas said…
I really don't think it makes any more sense to take Native American's religion of rocks and hills seriously than it does to inject absurd Christian myth into politics and government.

This is actually another form of violating the separation between "church" and state.

The professionals of ethnic superiority or religious superiority do not do their preferred groups any real favors as they feather their own nests.
Anonymous said…

I like how my fellow Republicans like to use that maybe line - "Maybe supporting the GOP would bring better things." Maybe if Republicans could come up with something to campaign on to make things better, we'd give them something to vote for.
Anonymous said…
Native Americans lost again when some rich white man donated money to a hospital and put his name on it.

What what was wrong with leaving it named Sioux Valley. The Sioux are part of our state's history and now we are suppposed to just forget them and our history.

With the case of Bear Butte, they won't be happy until they can sell beer at the top...and maybe put in a couple lottery machines.
VJ said…
10:15 AM said "Maybe if Republicans could come up with something to campaign on to make things better, we'd give them something to vote for."

Well, our Republican led State Government has made uncountable opportunities available to ALL of our people in South Dakota to make things better. You take advantage of these opportunities or you don’t! It’s all about choice for ALL of our people. You want to do it or you don’t. I don’t care if you are East River, West River, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Democrat, Independent or Republican. If you are not happy with where your are at in your life, get off your butt and take advantage of the available opportunities.

The Democrats think they have to force people to be responsible and accountable to get ahead in life while the Republicans believe in giving the people the opportunity to succeed. It’s all about choice! The Republican way is the best way! Simple as that!
Anonymous said…
So, it's not alright for a Republican to "mock" the religion of the Indians, but it's just fine for the Democrats to "mock" my conservative, pro-life, anti-special-priviledges-for-sodomites protestant church? What hypocrites!!!!
Anonymous said…

What church do you know that has a 4 mile buffer zone around it?

What church do you know that has 200,000 motorcyclists descend upon it for a month out of the year?
Anonymous said…
A: Every single church located in Sturgis, the Black Hills and Wyoming during rally week. Most of these churches are stuck right in the middle of town, completely surrounded by the spectacle. Further, most of these churches have year-round bars as neighbors or within a block.
At this point, the closest venue is to the Butte is two to three miles away, yes miles! These groups continue to demand and receive special treatment, when is enough enough? The most difficult issue surrounding the debate is that to esposue a contararian opinion is deemed racist; that is troubling.
Anonymous said…
Yes, but white society put this spectacle right in the middle of Native American sacred land. Natives did not ask us to show up.

Show some respect.
oldguy said…
Seems to me the tribes should buy all the land they feel they need. The state can condem it just like for the railroads.Then the tribes can pay market vaule instead of the tribes telling others how to use their land.
Anonymous said…

The Tribes wouldn't have to buy anything if the Federal Government would actually HONOR the original treaties that were written and signed. Then the Tribes would have plenty of land. But as usual, the minute that any potential profitability is identified in a piece of property, all bets are off. And so it's been for hundreds of years.

I personally don't see this as a racial issue as much as one of basic respect and honor towards Indigenous People. And while previous posters make a good point that churches don't require buffer zones, the fact is there aren't that many places left that Native Americans can identify as sacred. Most, although originally treatied to them, have been taken away again and are no longer recognizable for what they once were. (Try that sort of tactic with any traditional church building or cemetery, by the way!)

Haven't we taken enough from Native Americans? Manifest destiny my ass.
Anonymous said…
Why should we put a buffer zone around Bear Butte for a blood-thirsty tribe like the Johnny-come-lately Sioux?

The Sioux came to this area not long before they tangled with Custer and when they came they slaughtered MY people and stole this land from us and our sister tribes. Why should they be given anything as a reward for their murderous deeds?

Don't let them get away with another crime because they want to recognize a site that had no religious meaning to them until they saw a way to steal Bear Butte.

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