It figures. A new champ for worst campaign design, and I leave the camera in Pierre

I was over in Brookings this weekend, and I saw a new champ for the worst campaign logo, ever.
If you recall, this last election I railed on Representative Kristi Noem's election logo because... Well, frankly because I thought it was terrible. Kristi can take heart tonight that someone has knocked her off of that perch.

I'm kicking myself because the camera stayed in Pierre this weekend. Brookings School Board Candidate Pam Merchant has this multicolor design on the top of her signs that takes up at least half of the sign, plus something that I thought was an oak leaf. It was like one of those designs that if you stare at it long enough instead of seeing an object, you get a headache. And then we get to her name on the bottom third of it.

All of it was tough to read doing 35 as I traveled north on 20th Avenue. If I wasn't attuned to these things, I would have missed it entirely.


When are candidates going to learn that you have to be able to read signs. It's not an art contest. It's about getting your name in front of people - and making signs readable at street and highway speeds is part of the battle.

If someone is in town, snap a picture for me. Otherwise I'll get one next weekend.


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