Light posting for the holidays.

Aside from it being somewhat slow politically in South Dakota (unless I want to talk about the RC mayoral race yet again...), I've got some personal stuff that came up requiring an emergency run to Brookings a few days ahead of time. Given that, I'm going to be between home in Brookings and down to Sioux Falls. And back and forth for a few days.

So... blogging is going to be pretty light.

But in the interim, please enjoy your family time above anything. And have a happy easter.


Anonymous said…
Eat lots of Easter Pig, PP, and enjoy the holidays!
Anonymous said…
Thinking of you and yours Pat!
Anonymous said…
Your God died nailed to a tree. My God carries a hammer.
Anonymous said…
My God carried a hammer while he lived, died nailed to a tree and triumphed over death by rising again! Not bad for the son of a carpenter. Thank you, Jesus! My hope is you.
PP said…
Actually, I've got a huge sirloin tip roast in the fridge defrosting.

Beef. It's what's for easter.
Anonymous said…
You should use a capital E on Easter.

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