That must have been some fast lobbying.

( From yesterday's Pierre Capitol Journal.)

Dang! That must have been some fast lobbying between the tech schools and Pierre.


Anonymous said…
I'm rather sure that it does not take much get get fined $150.00 for speeding. Sorry, right now I don't recall at what speed fines double etc.
I'm rather sure that he is not the only one who has seen $150 plus in tickets.
Anonymous said…
date of birth 1960? thought he was much older than that
Chris Madsen said…
I am not going to name names, but when I was in the Legislature, I was aware of a particular lobbyist who got 2 speeding tickets on the same trip home on Highway 34. This was about the same time as the Black Hills Stock Show which is about the only time you'd see that kind of presence of the SDHP on that highway.
Mitch Richter said…
Next time I'll tell the HP I'm drunk---that way I'm sure to not make the paper.
mhs said…
HA, Mitch, that's priceless.

About 1978 (don't quote me) or so, there was a bill in to do away with the old point system: ie: you got points for each type of offense and, after so many points, you lost your license.

The Senate started with one member saying he "knew a guy" with too many and it just went downhill from there. After one member got up and said "having picked up three points just this morning . . ", Lowell Hanson recognized the next speaker saying "Senator _______: the confessional is still open"

Brought the house down.
Anonymous said…
I think i remember what you are talking about. I was not a legislator but, i do recall something like that.
Anonymous said…
I got a $93 ticket for doing 75. $150 must mean he was going a little faster than that.

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