Tim Johnson released from rehab

I just got back into Pierre, and caught the story on the Argus Leader website about Tim Johnson being released from the rehabilitation hospital as he prepares for more therapy on an outpatient basis:
"As I continue with my therapy, I also get more and more work from the office," he said. "The doctors tell me to pace myself and prepare for the long road, but I am determined to get back in the saddle."

Johnson will continue speech, physical and occupational therapy five days a week for several hours each day on an outpatient basis, according to the statement.

Robotic treadmill training is an important part of the senator's recovery, according to Dr. Michael Yochelson, director of brain injury programs at the National Rehabilitation Hospital.
Read it all here at ArgusLeader.com. While I'm sure our politics may disagree on many points, I do hope his continued recovery is successful.

I'm sure it's incredibly frustrating. My youngest at the moment continues in her speech therapy for Apraxia of speech, and as I'm sure with Senator Johnson, you benchmark success everyday in small ways.

It's not like you're going to all of a sudden expect him to stand up and be as he was before. That could take months, if not years. With my daughter, success is not just saying a word once - it's being able to repeat it at will. You only meet a challenge by doing something once - and the measure of success is being able to do something consistently, as if it was never a challenge in the first place.

Again, good luck to Senator Johnson in his recovery.


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