The Tim Johnson issue is still out there like this white elephant.

If you can't tell, The Tim Johnson issue is still out there like this white elephant. It's there, and we don't know how to handle our feelings on the matter. One one hand, we want him to get better. On the other...... well, as illustrated by the Yankton newspaper, we're starting to ask questions.

The Rapid City Journal came out this morning, and was the perfect illustration of why the way his staff is handling this is getting to be irksome to the people of South Dakota.

Yesterday, I noted how I hope the guy gets well, and does so quickly. I do, I really, really do, because I'm in the position where I have a child who is receiving rehabilitative services. But at the same time, I'm not keeping my daughter sequestered as his staff is.
Julianne Fisher said there’s little doubt that Johnson, who is mentally sharp, will be back in his office and back casting votes on the Senate floor.

“I think South Dakotans should definitely know that he’ll be back. It’s not a question of ‘if,’ it’s a question of ‘when,’” Fisher said. “He’s doing a lot of the duties of a senator now. He reads the memos and studies the issues. The one thing he can’t do now is come in to vote.”
Read it all here. What I keep hearing ad nauseum is that everything is OK, just be a little more patient. And look, here's some extra carefully vetted information that tries to show that despite the fact he's undergoing hours and hours of rehab daily, he's going to be prepared to run for election in 2008.

At this point, I think I'd prefer the straight story. He represents our state in the United States Senate. I'd like to know if he's going to return to the job, or if his staff is going to handle the duties until he returns at some indeterminate date. If he's not going to be able to return, as much as we might like him to, we should be told that as well.

We at least deserve that.


Anonymous said…
the liberal media will continue the cover-up and not ask any questions because they want to RUN OUT THE CLOCK and make it impossible for any Republicans to get ready to run in 2008....they want a coronation for Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin
Anonymous said…
I have a question!!!
It seems Sen. Johnson is recovering from stroke systems and in such what would the scar tissue do in this area of the brain in regards to possible complications?
Could he be facing this problem or another again?
I just wonder why the film crew wasn't there to see him out of the hospital or being pushed into his home in a wheel chair with a wave of his hand. Seems that does happen but not in this case.
nonnie said…
I fully agree with anon 10:09. It's all political, and the liberal media is in bed with the Dems on this issue as usual. We can spout off all we want on this issue, and have been, but nothing different will happen. I predict that sometime in early 2008 Johnson will say he's not running. Until then his staff will cover for him.

Steffi will of course step right in, and will probably be crowned again because she is still cute and perky and hasn't made a major misstep. Steffi's in because Janklow made a bad decision and drove unsafely and killed someone. He's probably the only one who could have, and did, defeat Steffi. She should send him a thank you note!
Anonymous said…
PP - "I'd like to know if he's going to return to the job"

Johnson Spokesperson -- “I think South Dakotans should definitely know that he’ll be back. It’s not a question of ‘if,’ it’s a question of ‘when,’”

Seems pretty clear cut to me. His authorized spokesperson says that he'll definitely be back. But I'm sure that even when Tim does come back, PP will keep harping on the issue.

Methinks that PP is less interested in when and whether Johnson will return, and more interested in providing fodder for the political conspiracy theroists like 10:09am.
Anonymous said…
Pink Elephant.
Anonymous said…
While we're talking about conspiracy theories, I have a question for Pat Powers.

Have you had any conversations regarding Tim Johnson's health, and the political ramifications thereof, with any person who works for Mike Rounds or his administration, or any officers or staff of the South Dakota Republican Party?

I have an idea where all of this is coming from....
Anonymous said…
12:03pm -- that's ridiculous. To assert that any South Dakota Republican would use a political operative to set up a blog to raise questions they claim point to a liberal media in an effort to influence coverage of a sitting United States Senator up for reelection... that's absurd.

Next you'll be saying that Jon Lauck and Jason Van Beek were paid by the Thune campaign to disseminate opposition research against Tom Daschle and to try to influence coverage in the Argus Leader by claiming bias by David Kranz...

or alledging that Van Beek and Lauck were subsequently hired by Thune after his election.

And we all know that's just crazy...
Anonymous said…
I think one can feel compassion for Senator Johnson (which I certainly do) while believing that he won't run for reelection (which I also do).

I frankly am less upset than a lot of people about the fact the Johnson has stayed in office. Much of the work of a Senator is done by the staff anyway, and if anything, I'll bet the other Senators are MORE WILLING than before to help out with Sen. Johnson's issues.

As for whether or not he runs again, I believe that at this point he honestly does not know. I would guess that he would like to run, and is laying the groundwork, but has to see how he is doing a year from now. That seems like a reasonable stance.

My only complaint is with the unncecessary secrecy surrounding his recovery. I'm not one of these people who feels that the public "has a right to know" every detail. Frankly, it is entirely his business what he wants to tell us. I just don't think that, from his point of view, it makes very much sense to be so secretive. We all know people who have had stroke-like symptoms, so we know generally how he must be. I don't think the people would be shocked to learn the details - even if he and Barb simply gave one interview to a reporter. It is sort of a contrast, really, to when Barb had cancer. She was very public and forward about it, and did alot to raise awareness.
Kevin said…
Jeez, give the guy some time.
PP said…
12:03, actually, I haven't.

And if someone wants to pay me to do this stuff, get in touch.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, like you should get paid to think up the slime- ass crap you post on here for free.

Get a clue, PP, anything you're earning to keep this dog turd afloat is more than it's worth.

Your guttless anonymous posters are the most insignificant bunch of troglodites ever to walk the planet.

The only reason to visit your site is to learn how backward humankind has become after a million years of evoluyionary opportunity.

What a bunch of losers.
mjb said…

(as he yells at us while hiding behind his mommy's skirt).
Anonymous said…
9:55 -- OOOOOO!!! Criticism from somebody who isn't capable of making a point without invoking the image of bodily functions and excretions. Real intelligent stuff.
Anonymous said…
This is 9:55. PP et all: I know you probably won't believe this, but those comments were meant as a joke. Any flack I have to take for posting them is well deserved. I keep forgetting that some comments meant in jest don't translate well unless you can see face of the person saying them. Sorry to offend. I'll be more careful from now on. It's easy to get carried away with these blogs, especially if you're half crazed to begin with, (which I am.) Again, sorry.

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