This rippled through Republican politicos yesterday. Just a bit.

From Tony Mangan at KCCR News:
Rounds support

Even though the election is still three years away, Governor Mike
Rounds says he has already decided who to endorse for his job, if that person

Several Republicans are already looking at running for Governor in 2010
since Rounds will be term- limited. One of those considered as a possible
candidate is current Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard.

While not mentioning Daugaard by name, Rounds says he would support his
running mate if he chooses to run. Rounds says he chose Daugaard because of his
ability to replace him if something would happen. Rounds says his thoughts on
that have not changed.

Daugaard has not publicly announced yet if he is a candidate. Rounds
says he will endorse Daugaard if he decides to run. Rounds and Daugaard served
together in the state Senate.

Go read KCCR News here.

Wow. This is early, but not entirely unexpected.

I think the biggest question in politicos minds is how this is going to affect the relationship between Governor Rounds and the Senate Majority Leader, Dave Knudson, who is widely expected to enter into the Gubernatorial contest in 2010.

Other politicos widely mentioned by the endorsement (such as Lee Schoenbeck and Matt Michels) are directly out of the process at this time, but Knudson is the designated ball carrier for the Senate GOP, and had to have felt a twinge when he heard about this.

Ultimately, it all depends on whether Dennis (who gave the commencement address at SDSU today) is going to confirm an interest. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said…
Tony Vanheizen gonna run the campaign?

Daugaard will make a great governor. He's more articulate and smarter than Rounds but less political. And maybe even "nicer" than the current.

Daugaard's only knock is that most people can't see any fire, unlike Shoenbeck and Knudsen. He needs to take command or he'll get washed out by not raising any cash.

He needs to distinguish himself from Rounds too and the other problem area may be that Daugaard will be sharing voters with Knudsen and Michels.

Knudsen shouldn't be offended or suprised by this.
Anonymous said…
Daugaard is three times the representative that Knudsen is. Daugaard cares about people and principals....Knudsen cares about his own image.
Anonymous said…
That should be principles--but he cares about principals too..unlike Knudsen and his crazy school funding formulas.
Anonymous said…
This shouldn't bother Knudson too much. Rounds and Daugaard are obviously close.

And I thought Dennis did a nice job at SDSU today.
Anonymous said…
I still think Matt Michels is the best candidate. South Dakota needs to get away from the vanilla (which is good, but not great) and get into something with more texture and flavor. DD is a fine steward for the people, but I think South Dakota has a great opportunity in Michels.
Anonymous said…
Daugaard and Michels both seem very good. I'm not sure I see Michels as the stronger of the two.
Anonymous said…
I would have to check records but Daugaard will have to defend some of his wrong votes against taxpayers in the state according to some talk.
Anonymous said…
Daugaard seems to me like the type who can defend any of his votes - I don't think he votes without thinking.
Anonymous said…
8:21, are your initials "MM"?

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