Candidates in? And tomorrow is election day.

Over at the Hog House Blog, Denise Ross has been reporting recently on who is planning on jumping into the legislative races. She has Stan Adelstein who claims he will run as a Republican... (I'm not going to start. It's too easy), and Craig Tieszen of Rapid City who she notes will run in 34 as a Republican.

I'm also hearing of others out there who are planning to make the leap in the fray this next fall. One in particular is former Democratic Legislator Deb Fischer-Clemens.

I'm told through the grapevine that she's gone as far to approach her employer about the idea, so look for that to be a possibility. It's still very early, and minds change over time, but as Democrats continue to look to past successes for future candidates, she could spell trouble for the GOP.

In the federal races, I haven't heard anything more in the past few days on Jim Seward jumping in the US Senate contest against Tim Johnson. Right now it's standing at Sam Kephart in, Joel Dykstra very strongly leaning towards being in as he makes the GOP event rounds, and that it. Or is it.....? I have heard of one juggernaut of a candidate who could be contemplating it, but that person is still so early in the process, I had to give a black oath of silence just to get it out of my source. (and no, it's not the gov).

Otherwise election day is tomorrow, and there are a few races I'm watching with interest.

I'll always have a soft spot in my head.... er, heart... for local Pierre races. The Naze/Schwellenbach race could signal some drastic changes for the municipality as (god forbid) people actually start to run for something besides open seats. If Naze wins by running on a platform of reasonableness in fees, it might finally mean a city government has to pay attention to that sort of stuff.

In a poll that was done a year or so ago, the Pierre city commission had unbelievably low approval among the voters - in fact, it was so low, it was a net negative. The mayors was higher, but not by much, and that was based on the fact he's a pretty likable guy (and I would agree). So, tomorrow's election might signal change for the good.

The other big election is of course the Rapid City Mayoral Race. This bloodbath of an election year may not yet be over tomorrow, either. If no candidate receives a certain percentage of the vote, it would go into a runoff contest between the two highest vote recipients.

I've heard several things on this, including that if this happens, it might not be Mayor Shaw as backed by Doug Hamilton (and publicized by Lawrence and Schiller) who ends up in the top 2. IF that happens, I've heard Kooiker and Hanks could be the contenders. But that still a lot of speculation at this point.

More to come....


Anonymous said…
PP said…
While I'd be behind a Brock candidacy myself, it's not him, and I think Brock wouldn't put himself in that category either.

You need to look at someone who would immediately give the Dems cause to shudder.

A Candidacy from my friend Brock would be uphill.
PP said…
Against Tim Johnson, that is. And that would be true for most who would jump into it.
Anonymous said…
Jim Abdnor?
Clint Roberts?
Walter Dale Miller?
Bill Janklow?
Steve Kirby?
Homer Harding?
Tim Amdahl?
Larry Pressler?
Dave Volk?

They all have name ID, only some are probably a little more probable than others.
Anonymous said…
From Wikipedia:
"The term juggernaut is used to describe any literal or metaphorical force regarded as unstoppable that will crush all in its path."

Brock would literally crush all in his path.
Anonymous said…
Thank God the Rapid City mayor's race is about done.

I for the life of me can't figue out why a race for something as insignificant as mayor of Rapid City gets so dirty. It's really a different mindset out there. Kind of embarassing to the rest of us.
Anonymous said…
Kooiker for Congress! There's your juggernaut.
Anonymous said…
I heard that the Right to Life is looking for a new Director to replace Brock. I don't know if this is any indication that he is wanting to run for office or not though.

Also don't forget about Mike Diedrich....He is going to run in 34...I believe for McCracken's seat.
PP said…
10:06 - good one on Mike Dietrich - I had heard that some time ago, but not since.

Back when I worked with him on Republican stuff back in the day, I always thought he was a pretty good guy.
Anonymous said…
9:24 -

The obvioius name here is G. Mark Mickelson (the G stands for "George").

Your list has some interesting names on it, but with one exception I'm not sure any of them are a "juggernaut":

Jim Abdnor - Great man, but 84 years old
Clint Roberts - 72 years old - hasn't run for office since 1986; hasn't been elected since 1980; I'd question his name ID at this point
Walter Dale Miller - 82 yrs old
Steve Kirby - a good candidate, but won't make Dems "shudder"
Homer Harding - not very well known, also pretty old
Tim Amdahl - no.
Larry Pressler - I think he'd make Dems "rejoice."
Dave Volk - no.

The name that intrigued me? Bill Janklow. He's obviously "damaged goods," but it'd be fun to watch him try! And you KNOW it has crossed his mind!
texmex said…
A Brock candidacy would make Republicans shudder. Eeeeuuuw!
Anonymous said…
I was joking with my previous list, I love Jim Abdnor and Clint Roberts as much as the next person, but seriously, dude. Who is the juggernaut. As I said in a prior post, if we are having this much difficulty coming up with the name, I question whether he or she is truly a juggernaut.
Anonymous said…
The juggernaut has to be George (Mark) Mickelson. Blank slate, famous name, big money.
Anonymous said…
Jeff Partridge?
Anonymous said…
The Democrats are not afraid of anybody from the Partridge family. And nobody has ever heard of Jeff Partridge. Maybe he should run for dog catcher first.
Anonymous said…
Larry Pressler
Anonymous said…
Deb Fischer-Clemens, if she runs, will take a Republican held house seat in Sioux Falls. That is as close to a sure thing as it gets.
Anonymous said…
If the "juggernaut" candidate is not Mickelson, then it is PP's friend Rich Sattgast, who would keep his Auditor job if he lost.
PP said…
While I'd welcome a Sattgast candidacy as much as a Greenfield, it's neither.
Anonymous said…
You know, the GOP wouldn't have to be "obsessed about gay marriage, abortion and sex education" if the Left wasn't so hell-bent on shoving that whole destructive agenda down the throats of Americans.

Typical liberalism: attack traditional institutions, and when good people try to defend them, blame the defenders for being divisive.
Brock said…
I'd vote for either Greenfield or Sattgast. :) I know one of the two isn't running, though. I'll take PP's word on the other.

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