FINAL - KOOIKER and HANKS go to runoff

From the Rapid City Journal Scroller:

Dowling 135
Hanks 3352 **2
Hargens 311
Johnson 1528
Knipsel 41
Kooiker 3864 **1
Redden 125
Shaw 2317

Sam Kooiker and Alan Hanks are the candidates for a runoff, since neither one received over 50% of the vote. Watch for a fierce and hard fought battle.

And as I said, there's a super bizarre story about one of the candidates (who lost tonight) noted as a passenger in a vehicle who's driver was arrested for DUI. That hit the TV news in Rapid City tonight, and is sure to blast across South Dakota in coming days.

I don't even want to get into it at this late hour. But I'll get to it in the AM.


Anonymous said…
Kooiker got more votes than shaw and johnson COMBINED. So much for big money, big lies, and big mike schumacher. Good ridance to all 3.
Anonymous said…
Rick, you forgot to capitalize your letters in this one.
Anonymous said…
God bless the people of Rapid City. Go Sam!
Anonymous said…
how does my attendance record taste now ? nyuk, nyuk, nyuk
Anonymous said…
It's like a singer with a band and a road crew. A great band and sound guy can make even a so-so singer sound teriffic.

But the singer gets all the glory every time, because they are the ones making the personal connection with the audience.

The band and sound guy are usually in it for the art form. And sometimes, so is the singer.

But if the singer gets too into the music, s/he'll sometimes lose the audience.

In short, political campaigns have to have rhythm, harmony, melody and also be sexy. It's jazz, folk, and rock & roll for bands who don't play music.
Anonymous said…
6:54 did you post to the wrong title????
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Sam. You worked hard and earned your votes. Hang in there. We deserve you as our mayor.
Anonymous said…
MMMM -- The sweet taste of smoked, pulled, pork butt.
Anonymous said…
Is that Dale "Big Head " Hargens who placed 5th?

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