Just a little reminder of why we vote from our last election

It was fitting that this was pointed out to me as we come to one of the first election days after the 2006 General election. Remember November 2006? There was no revolution. People changed offices without shots being fired.

And no black helicopters from the trilateral commission and IRS depositing agents to tamper with our voting machines.....

Maybe. If you're Ron Branson, Bill Stegmeier and the rest of the conspiracy minded JAIL4Judges crew, you're not giving up on that last one yet. Check out the latest from the JAIL4Judges website as they try to convince a documentary producer to take on the 2006 election results and expose the 'fraud' of how they lost the election:
Beverly Harris:

I am Ron Branson, founder of the organization www.jail4judges.org. I am sure you are familiar with our effort to bring judicial accountability to South Dakota, and what happened as a result.

Basically, we were ahead in the polls approximately 3 to 1 throughout the campaign, and a poll taken after being barraged with false and misleading information, four days prior to the November 7 election revealed that we remained still ahead by eleven points, i.e. 51% to 40.

On election day, the reported outcome of the election was 89% against with 11% for. There being no reasonable explanation, many are shocked.

We are taking independent polls of the voters in South Dakota, which has resulted in only a 1% change in our support base from that of the poll taken just four day prior to the election, i.e. 50%.

I am encouraging the seeking of both a criminal and a civil remedy, the latter being in Federal Court outside of the State of South Dakota.

I am currently viewing a video tape moderated by Edward Griffin, a friend and acquaintance of mine. I find this video very interesting. Inasmuch as this matter in South Dakota involves criminal acts of the entire government of South Dakota, the implications of this matter is earth shaking and beyond imagination.

Prior to the South Dakota vote, I documented all that was going on in this election on our website, www.sd-jail4judges.org. Not one word has been changed or altered in any manner on this website, which website now stands as evidence of the facts known prior to the election.

You may reach me at VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org, or on the phone at (605) 214-1301. Bill Stegmeier in South Dakota, who sponsored Amendment E, is spearheading an effort of taking our next course of action. He may be reached at (605) 940-0354, or at his email, billstegmeier@yahoo.com.

Because of the implications, I think this matter is worthy of blowing wide open this issue of manipulation of the voting process, using South Dakota Amendment E as an example. At issue here also involves the judiciary throughout this entire nation, as the Chief Justices of several of the various states have spoken out in the newspapers and media condemning our effort of bringing about judicial accountability to this nation, starting with South Dakota.

Please do get back with me on this. God bless.

-Ron Branson
National Founder of JAIL4Judges
Read all of the JAIL4Judges nuttiness here. And I find it quite interesting how the once disavowed Ron Branson is supposedly walking hand-in-hand with Bill Stegmeier as he did before Ron was savaged in the South Dakota media.

Did I leave someone out? How could I forget this website's special pro-Amendment E 'friend' Bonnie Russell. Bonnie, who ran a website which was sometimes with the JAIL4Judges people, and alternatively called Ron Branson a clown, is still using a bit of the same shtick she used before - claiming disdain for the JAIL4Judges movement, but promoting the identical sort of judicial paranoia which fuels the movement:

From nojail4judges.org:
"The bogeyman is here! Or so Tom Barnett wants South Dakota Legislature to believe.

Barnett, who alternately turns from shrill to snarly while speaking as a lobbyist before the legislature, constantly rails about JAIL4JUDGES.org

The man actually quotes from the ramblings of the "Journal."

A Quick Reality Check.

Barnett brings up "the California group" without of mentioning there is no group.

Barnett doesn't mention the website he quotes represents one man's First Amendment right to write absolutely ridiculous rants. Rants Barnett uses to instill fear.

As such, the wacky site does seem to suit the needs of Tom Barnett whenever he wants generate funds, and reporters are partly responsible for continued fear, by not asking hard questions.


While we applaud free speech, we encourage others not to take seriously the site with omitting the "No" in front of the above domain name.

There is no "effort" backed by this individual. There are however, credible inroads being made towards judicial accountability in other states.
Read it all here. So, apparently she hates Ron, but promotes the exact same thing. The only difference is Bonnie makes money off if it.

Am I done picking on the JAIL4Judges people yet? How can I be done just yet?

On the presidential poll I posted a few days ago, someone opined....
Ron Paul is the only great candidate for GOP Pres, and I'm disappointed he's not one of the choices in your poll.
I must confess, I had to look it up on the Internet to find information out about the man (not exactly Top of Mind Awareness). So how could I consider slighting Ron Paul in future recognition on this website?

(Click on the image to enlarge. Really, you have to.)

Yes, Bill Stegmeier is apparently some sort of organizer for the Ron Paul for President effort in South Dakota. With the plastic dinosaur toy perched on his shoulder like a parrot - here's Ron Paul's face in the state.

Somehow, I think my slight of not including Mr. Paul on future presidential polls may continue.

And remember - for those of you with elections, get out there and vote today. Otherwise, guys with plastic toys on their shoulder might get a say in our government.


Anonymous said…
Ron Paul is the one presidential candidate willing to address the failed drug war in this country.

Oh, I forgot, PP, you actually support that failed policy.

You're a hack PP. Simple as that.
Anonymous said…
A legalized dope related comment which is nominally on topic? I didn't think that was possible.

They must have not started smoking yet.
Anonymous said…
PP, you missed an obvious thing here.

In the "Messages" Section of Stegmeier's Ron Paul site there's a copy of an email Stegmiere sent out


containing this gem:

"Watch a few short news videos of Ron Paul, and that should do it. Warning: You have a 95% probability of becoming a "RON PAUL JUNKIE." Only die-hard "New World Order" types are immune."

But wait! the "New World Order" doesn't stop there.

The next line down is Stegmeier saying "I have supported Ron Paul with $100-$200 contributions yearly for at least ten years now in his always successful bid for re-election to his Texas US Representative position. (and I am from South Dakota)"

Uh, not according to Ron Paul and his people. According to Paul's FEC contribution disclosures, no one with a last name "Stegmeier" ever gave the Committee to Re-elect Ron Paul a dime.


In fact, the only person with last name "Stegmeier" to give to an Federal candidate or PAC was a Mr. William Stegmeier of Tea, SD who gave twice to the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS/SAVE AMERICAS FREE ENTERPRISE TRUST; $250 in 2000 and $350 in 2001.


So, this means one of two things. Either Ron Paul and/or his re-election committee failed to report Stegmeier's donations over the course of the last decade, or the ""die-hard "New World Order" types" at the FEC deleted the records of it.

I mean, those are the only two choices, right?
Anonymous said…
9:38 -
Not that I'm siding with these freaks but I don't believe that you have to report a contribution of less then $250 for a federal candidate.
Anonymous said…
Now PP -- It was slightly entertaining. You have to give some credit for their imagination, whether natural or with enhancement.
Anonymous said…
It would be interesting to know if these wackos think we're dumb enough to believe the results of their push poll, or if they're dumb enough to believe the so-called polling operation that tells them these results.
Anonymous said…
I guess this means he is a republican.
Anonymous said…
I do recall one peculiar poll (Zogby?) in the media (supposedly objective) late in the race that showed Amendment E doing well. I also saw weekly tracking polls on a different issues that included a question on "E." Those polls predicted all the other issue outcomes fairly well but the point spread on E seemed to come out of nowhere. It was kind of peculiar how that thing went down that hard.
E was never ahead in any of the tracking polls I saw, but there wasn't any 78 point spread eiither... more like 30 or 40 if I recall. I think everybody, including the No on E people were truly surprised by such a big win. All you can conclude is that Zogby called the wrong 500 people. It happens sometimes. Get a different pollster next time, guys.
Anonymous said…
I'm guessing the question asked by the pollster was something like "Do you think judges should be held accountable for their actions?"

Well, sure....

But -- There was a lot more to Amendment E than that. People who went to the polls that understood what was going on voted no, and those who didn't understand it voted no too. That's the very typical response of a voter who doesn't totally understand what they're voting on - "I'm not sure about this, so I'll vote to leave well enough alone."

It's obvious how it happened...and will always happen with this issue.
Haggs said…
I miss these anti-Amendment E posts. The No-on-E blog was always fun to read and the amendment supporters always seemed to get crazier and crazier. Good times.

But Stegmeier supports Ron Paul? That's too bad. I actually liked Ron Paul. I know he'll never get the nomination, but it's good to have someone like him in the debates because he can bring new ideas to the table. But if Stegmeier likes Paul, then it's hard for me to like him.
Anonymous said…
I hear Ron Branson excelled at strip-searching male prisoners.
Anonymous said…
5:25 pm: Branson's liking to strip male prisoners while he was a MP might explain why he is running "RonsProMassage.com"

I wonder if Stegmeier ever got a "Ron Pro Massage."
Anonymous said…
The voters do care. And they've spoken.

The legislature is not elected to push personal or special interest agendas, they're elected to represent the people of South Dakota. It is anti-democratic for a legislator to put his or her own "moral authority" ahead of the clearly expressed will of the people they are supposed to represent.
Anonymous said…
My daughter hit ice and rolled her compact car five years ago while her two children were strapped in a car seat and a booster seat in the back seat. The car rolled, but the kids were unscathed.

You don't have to convince anyone in that family about the need to use safety seats!
Anonymous said…
By the way PP, did we ever find out what the real name of "Jake Hanes" was? He is still using that alias on Stegmeier's Ron Paul website.
PP said…
Let's just say I make a point to notify the proper authorities when I run across information which might be of use to them.
Anonymous said…
If Stegmeier was running around with "Jake Hanes", knowing that was not his real name and especially with photos of "Jake" bandanna on his face and holding what appeared to be an automatic weapon on his myspace page. Yipes.

Any word if these loons plan on doing it all over again in 2008?
PP said…
They've said they're going to.

God help us all....
Anonymous said…
Hey geniuses, how can we NOT draw scientists and businesses in with that law? The more people we have the more employees and businesses we need, and the more kids to go to college to become scientists. Stegmeier looks really good next to this guy PP.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, but saying they are going to and actually doing it are two different things. Maybe a 90-10 butt kicking taught Stegmeier a lesson. Maybe 10 follow up questions with the biggest electoral loser in SD history?
Anonymous said…
"There is a real void for some leaders who will step forward and fight for some new priorities...how about education, how about some health care, how about wages"

Stegmier has done significant things in all of these areas. Unlike certain other political figures, he understands that the state lives on limited means and he cannot just propose massive new programs - but he's taken smart, concrete steps in education, economic development, and health care. Without blowing the reserves or raiding the trust funds.

And don't talk about "growth of government." That growth is due to increasing research money at the colleges and health care costs going up. Wait and see how much the budget goes up with PP at the controls - we'll need to find a new revenue stream before you can say "graduated income tax"
PP said…

8:52, are you drunk?

Stegemeier is a crackpot conspiracy theorist who hates Government, and was prosecuted because he didn't pay his sales taxes.

And, last I knew, I'm certainly not in government. I'm just hanging out doing my thing.
Anonymous said…
Oh, yeah.

pp - I never said anything about changing standards - only that there should be more women in the legislature. More women need to run, and it's up to the voters after that.
I find your idea of relaxing standards to attract more men interesting though. Maybe it's going to come to that, do you think?
The Snake said…

Do us all a favor, and before you bash Mr. Paul or any other candidate do some RESEARCH and tell us which of his policies you disagree with and why. He is the ONLY small government guy in the race and the ONLY Republican who believes the United States should not be starting pre-emptive wars with countries who had never attacked them or posed a threat to them.


Or just ignore him because some crackpot supports him...
Anonymous said…
Stegmier and his liberal co-conspirators invested a great deal of time, energy and money in their liberal tax, spend and regulate friend, Ron Branson. He only received a little over 20% of the vote against Kristi Noem. Branson, like Brock Greenfield, is a former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee. No wonder his liberal candidacy did not resonate with the voters. Maybe Rounds should give Branson a job, too. He could play wedge issue politics with the constituencies of his office and create serious state issues, only to have his boss bury his head in the sand.
PP said…
That sounds suspiciously like a random phrase generator.
Anonymous said…
Was just thinkin the same thing myself.
weezer said…
good luck to the jail4judges people in finding a lawyer to represent them regarding "criminal acts of the entire government of South Dakota"...can you say "frivolous lawsuit"?

i noticed that only one of the "judicial horror stories" from the on the jail4judges site involved south dakota courts...and that one was from a woman evicted from squatting on tribal land trying to "help" indians.

so much for their grand effort...hopefully they will go the way of the dinosaur perched on steigmeier's shoulder

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