Could the School Funding lawsuit get smashed soon? Let's hope so, for taxpayers' sake

The Argus Leader is writing this morning that a judge is going to rule of the legality of spending taxpayer dollars to sue taxpayers (via the state) for more taxpayer dollars. All for the sake of the taxpayer:

A judge's ruling on a new lawsuit could kill dozens of South Dakota school districts' funding fight and cost individual board members money.

Board members from three South Dakota school districts have asked a judge to rule that their tax-dollar pledges to support a lawsuit against the state were legal.


Attorney General Larry Long said it's illegal for school districts to sue the state and has sought to audit the coalition to determine which districts have given how much money.

Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
You know it is always NOT nice to know that i am suing myself and didnt really get to have a say in it.
I am being snide by the way.

I do believe that the funding needs changes but come on!! How many books of matches do they need to throw money up in smoke?
Anonymous said…
larry long is an idiot
Anonymous said…
As a taxpayer in the Aberdeen School Dist. I am mad at the school board. How dare they sue me with my tax dollars?

Larry Long you are great, 8:33 has been hanging with the legalize dope crowd.
Deputy Dawg said…
Larry Long's and Mike Rounds' assault on education is also an assault on property taxpayers. The school districts want the state to stop being such a deadbeat on funding education with sales taxes. They only want Long and Rounds to live up to their constitutional oathes of office to obey the law and fund schools appropriately.

Long and Rounds like getting elected, take their state government paychecks (for Rounds family members as well) but they don't want to do their jobs.
Anonymous said…
9:48 you just sound Sick!
Anonymous said…
One more law. One more restriction in how things are done. Because someone was inconsiderate, unaccomidating, and doesn't inderstand that our government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. (Someone who has a problem with power I would guess.)mnqohq
Anonymous said…
9:48 comment should have been deleted, PP.
sdmoderate said…
Ya it's a shame that a few thousand of our tax dollars have to be used in this lawsuit but considering this seems to be the last resort in getting our schools properly funded, it is money well spent
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Looks like PP is turning into as much of a bully as Gov. Rounds and Larry Long.

North Dakota went through a similar lawsuit. Y'know what happened? ND realized that maybe they weren't paying schools enough money and decided to increase funding. And then the lawsuit was dropped.

So why are Rounds and Long sticking their heads in the sand?
Anonymous said…
You know, some days it just does not pay to try and type!

Guess that is the case for me trying to type on this page of the blog.

Sorry for all the blunders. I have noticed that my cursor has a hesitation when trying to type thou?? Whats with that??
Anonymous said…
Isn't it amazing that people value life in the form of embryos more than they value the life of boys who are sent overseas to fight old men's wars?

Isn't it amazing that people can overlook the many fiscal and social problems in our nation and instead zero in on personal issues?

Isn't it amazing that people use their interpretations of the Bible as an excuse to try and dominate a nation that guarantees Freedom of Religion?

Isn't it amazing that the people who preach about morals will twist the truth and try to skirt the law in order to win?

Isn't it amazing that the side that had the most resources in both money and volunteers only pulled in 44 percent of the votes?

Isn't it amazing that the majority of South Dakotans had the good sense to vote down the ban?
Anonymous said…
Isn't is amazing that some people who have all the answers don't run for public office?

Isn't it amazing that sometimes they really do?

Isn't amazing that when the do, they usually LOSE, cause the majority of the people in our democracy don't agree with them?
Anonymous said…
4:38. No, no, and no.
Anonymous said…
4:38, part B.
Plato's argument against democracy.
Why should ten fools overrule one wise man?
Anonymous said…
What's this crap about Tim Johnson's son running for the house?

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