State of SD/UFWS agreement cancellation still up in the air.

I've kind of been ignoring this controversy lately. Not on purpose, but I've been tied up with other things. What's been going on?

First, the deadline passed for the UFWS to fire or reassign officer Prieksat (or else).

Then, it was noted that one of the Governor's brothers, and some GFP agents were on a list of people to talk to about illegal game processing.

Then the UFWS cleared Prieksat of any wrongdoing in the whole matter.

And that should bring us to the latest article in the whole chain of events, where the Governor is noting (in tomorrow AM's Rapid City Journal) that has hasn't made a decision yet:
Gov. Mike Rounds hasn't made a decision on whether to terminate law-enforcement agreements with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, his press secretary said Wednesday


Hall told Rounds last week of a plan to add a field agent to the Pierre FWS office and allow Prieksat to focus more on office work. That's part of the discussion between Rounds and Hall.

"We need to get this situation taken care of before a decision is made on the MOAs," Krebs said.
Read that all here.

The big question at this point after Prieksat was cleared of any wrongdoing - which side is going to blink first? Or, have they both agreed to "blink at the same time" - with the deadline for the ultimatum having passed with no action, but Prieksat moving to a more supervisory position at the UFWS?


Anonymous said…
Well not that you all know who i am but, I did make comment that maybe he would be better behind a desk and suggeting policy or direction for the department.
Humm, go figure.
I voted for Barnett said…
Uh oh. Rounds might be called on to make a decision.

So we wait. And we wait. And we wait.

"Oh, look at the time. It's 2010. Now someone else can do that."
Anonymous said…
Rounds blinked. Seeing it as otherwise is seeing it through a partisan lens of "always support your Republican governor."

He got called on it. He never had the upper hand, and this just makes him look like a whiner and someone who can't finish the job.
Anonymous said…
I like Barnett! Some people didn't like him because he was a kick butt Attorney General.
Anonymous said…
Bureaucratic government at all levels is simply unaccountable and out of control.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like they've worked it out to me. Good. Next problem, Homestake.
Anonymous said…
PP, please ask mike to lay off the rain prayers for Aberdeen for a while.
Anonymous said…
Rounds blinked all right. Again! Milk Toast Mike will let the feds walk all over us like they've done for so many years because he doesn't have the backbone to carry through on anything. Rounds is almost as big a problem as Prieksat.
Anonymous said…
I hope this fall doesn't bring problems again w/Priekstat but I know it will. The guy is a lunatic when in the field. I wish the complaints could be made public, maybe his supervisor/friend (college roomate?)should release them. Spitting in faces, making kids cry, using the Fword more than Chris Rock. He's a gem of a cop, hope nobody fights back because by leaving him "on the job" USFWS allowed a rouge agent to continue in his practices. I'm amazed based on the complaints noone has gotten hurt yet.
Anonymous said…
My comments were attempting to distinguish the overweeningly presumptuous from the comments that come from experience and earnest thought. Your post was definitely excluded from the barf bag category. I agreed with your assessment of the Democratic Party, along with Todd's. Such comments are valuable and welcome, and I appreciate the respectful and purposeful tone you maintain on your web log. In fact, it was the contrast between your posting and some others that led to my making the distinction.

I regret that you thought I include SDWC in the category of ego-whankers. I certainly do not.

My comments were directed not just at regional pundits and blogs, but at national ones, too. There are more proportionally more national blogs that are cyber parlors for the self-massage of egos than regional ones. The Midwestern culture generally disdains such displays. It is like Socrates being lectured to by Woody the Woodpecker. It induces intellectual nausea.

And the little woodpeckers are by no means limited to the Republican side. But let me deal with that in the privacy of our rooms.
Anonymous said…
I'm John Thune, and Leslee Unruh approved this message!

"I'm confused. That's all. Confused. I know what I would like to do, but I can't, because I'm married to Leslee Unruh, and she won't grant me a divorce. Please help?"
Anonymous said…
Sandra Day O'Connor is not just a Supreme Court Justice - she is also one of the most well-known justices in the history of the Court.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant. A Republican governor endorses a Republican candidate. All because of a snark campaign. Where do you put the notches on your CPU when you take someone out?

Fun, ain't it? And uplifting, too. God bless America.
Anonymous said…
Skjonsberg looks like his wings have been clipped since he's backing off in the press. Which means the leg work has been done and gov mike has a deal in the works.

I bet this isn't over.
Anonymous said…
That can't be right, because Long is a republican. Being petty and vindictive would make him a democrat.qkxczbqz
Anonymous said…
Great idea. Lets ignore the real issue, a lack of adequate resources for SD schools to educate SD students for a 21st Century world. Instead lets paw at the periphery of the issue and argue that a group of school districts cannot send funds to a parent organization which then chooses to support an adequacy case before the court.
It seems to me that if our state was serious about funding education it would work with school districts to find a way to fund education adequately as North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Wyoming have done. Show some leadership on this issue and maybe state government can be seen to be upholding the state constitution instead of hiding behind the bean counters and not fulfilling their sworn duty. OBTW this is not taxpayers suing taxpayers. It is students and parents seeking their constitutional right through the court system. A right that is guaranteed through citizenship, not through any other means. Being 51st in teacher salaries means we don't, as a society, value what teachers do for our children. If the teachers aren't important then why are we staking so much on our future generations? Maybe we should be happy with that and put more money into prisons and rehab facilities. I guess our future motto, " The Land of Finite Opportunity" will fit us like a glove.....
Would the last one left that's able to please turn off the lamp of education!
Anonymous said…
Define adequately


This pertains to SD/UFWS how?

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