Rick Hauffe makes the Huron newspaper

SDDP Executive Director Rick Hauffe is in today's Huron Daily Plainsman touting Democrat's chances in the upcoming election, as well as touting Brendan Johnson as a rising star in SDDP politics.

Pick up a copy of the Huron Daily Plainsman, and read it for yourself.


Anonymous said…
Dems will probably gain the 3 seats they need to control the senate in 2008.

Dems need 16 seats to control the house, which is almost impossible in 1 election cycle. But with a concerted effort on all of the fronts Rick Hauffe listed, it's not inconceivable that they could pick up 8-10 seats in the house in 2008. Republican House leadership really is THAT bad. The house GOP caucus is really setting itself up to be the skunk at the garden party.
Anonymous said…
Huron still has a daily newspaper...
Ike said…
Thanks for the heads-up PP. So the Dem's are finally pretending to be proactive. Well good for them. When do we tell them that the GOP is already recruiting and has a leg up on them?

Hauffe is good. No doubt about it. But he can be beat if the GOP message is focused and cohesive. The key to winning, with this term limit mess, is effective recruiting in the off season. As Harrisburg people found out - you don't vote or participate - you get the some not-so-smart people making bad decisions for you & your families or businesses.
Anonymous said…

The thing to remember is this - the Dems made the gains they did for three reasons:
1 - Several GOP incumbents were defeated in the primaries - had the incumbents won the primary, the seats would have been held (I'm thinking of Duane Sutton and Stan Adelstein).
2 - The abortion ban created something of a backlash against the GOP that is not likely to be present.
3 - In just about every close race, the Dems came out on top. There is a certain element of luck involved, and the Dems had it.

If anything, I think the Dems will fall back a seat or two in 2008.
Anonymous said…
I'd like to see 5:52 bet the farm on that.
Anonymous said…
Wasn't Hauffe the same guy who was running the Democrat Party when a whole bunch of democrats lost their seats in 1994 and 1996?
Lee Schoenbeck said…
Rick should not be underestimated. He is the author of the "infamous" (from a Republican perspective) postcard campaign that won the senate for the Democrats in 1992. We took it back, barely, in 1994, but nobody that survived that bloody battle would underestimate Rick's ability and creative mind. Every time you hear Governor Rounds refer to something as a "postcard issue", you have just heard a tribute to and reminder of Rick's talent.
Anonymous said…
If the GOP hadn't sold their soul to RepublicRATS like Dave Knudson and Tom Dempster, we wouldn't even be talking about the possibility of Dems gaining control.

The minute we turned our back on Leslee Unruh and Roger Hunt was the beginning of the end. Shame on us for shunning God's path for political pragmatism!

We will get what we deserve: A godless government that hates life.
Douglas said…
Democrats might try to come up with at least one new idea that offers some hope of fundamental change in SD.

The party leadership seems remarkably resistant to ideas from constituents.
Anonymous said…
Douglas, from your lips/keyboard to God's ears! Except I'd add that we Republicans could take the same advice.
Anonymous said…
Same song, different verse.

5:52 pretty much nailed it. The House will stay pretty much as is, the Senate Republicans will gain 3 or 4 seats, and we'll always have a Republican governor.

Rick's just doing his job, but he doesn't have the votes.
pdq said…
"the GOP is already recruiting and has a leg up on them?"

According to who? It's not like we hear anything out of the State GOP.
oldguy said…
It would not surprise me to see dems gain more as I think people are just fed up with poltics as usual.I don't know about others but I am tried of politics on all levels as it needs to be fixed. Evrybody now is about staying in or getting in power instead of just doing what is right for us.
Anonymous said…

What exactly are you fed up with? Are your taxes too high? Too much government intrusion? The only thing that I can think of is Pierre is too conservative and some people want them to spend a bunch more money on education and healthcare. Of course we have had big debates on social issues that people are getting tired of but that aside what are you fed up with?

4:46: You need to check the numbers from the last election for the House. You are just a democrat who is sick of the House killing all the spending and government control bills. If anything, the House needs to reinforce its conservative values of low taxes and keeping the government out of our lives. Go ahead and sneer and criticize all you want but solid conservative values win in this state every time. I just hope they don't bend to liberalized pressure to satisfy the vocal minority.
Anonymous said…
Okay, this is going to sound snotty and i really don't mean for it to be.
But Rick Hauffe looks like he is smirking or a little snide??
Does anyone else have that opinion? Not that I look good in photo's I hate mine taken!!!
Of course we are talking a page from a paper and then I think it was scanned, so I am sure the quality wasn't there.
No offense PP.
Anonymous said…
PP almost certainly retouched it.
(wink) BF
Anonymous said…
Hey, B.F. we meet on another page.
Are you chasing me around the blog pshere.

Just kidding,

As for this post and today, I just don't have the energy to go the post and that may be a WOW for me.
But you guys keep hammering those post out so I can read over your shoulder okay.
Anonymous said…
8:15. Ok, Rest up, then. Catch you later. BF
Anonymous said…
SD Dems don’t have an icicle’s chance in Hades. It’s the culture, you see: Brutal, malevolent – a state full of feral human beings.

Whip out that thesaurus, p.

Don’t like the heat? Then get out of cyberspace. And take your sycophants with you.

Carnivore opinion.

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