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I'm going to be out today at a conference - but in the meantime, there's plenty to comment on.

Speaking of that, as some have noted that they enjoy reading for the opportunity to smash me, don't forget you won't have PP to kick around unless you contribute to the tip jar via the pay pal beg button.

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Anonymous said…
This was a fascinating look at something that's really pretty simple. I actually learn more from (looking for correct non-offensive term) sub-standard work than from the first class. You see why something doesn't work other than just being told that it won't.
Anonymous said…
Although there have been a few democrats elected in Fall River County, there have not been many and there aren't any at this time in the Courthouse or the legislature. Good point! This shows how out-of-touch with reality they are.
P.S. Wasn't it the democrats who are truly concerned with campaign finance disclosure and limitation laws?
Anonymous said…
In other words, now that PP's on the road, it looks like conversation here will now temporarily cease while SDWC takes a heavy salvo of incoming from a maligned, once loyal sponsor. (see posts below...yow!)
Anonymous said…
Hmmm. Finally, the topics have interesting comments.
Anonymous said…
I heard a rummor Tim Johnson's son would be running for '08 House if the Senator resigns. Which one do they mean. Brooks (oldest, Army officer) or Brendon (laywer). Wondering how Larry Russell compares.
Anonymous said…
Someone out there is having more than a bad day. Horse and buggy days are gone..blogs are here to stay. Newspapers are becoming aware of this and can not keep pace with the internet and all the news stories. Long live SDWC and keep up the great work PP, we love you! Happy New Year, celebrate bloggers, celebrate!
Anonymous said…
You really don't think we are all a little self-absorbed? Even I, more egocentric and obnoxious than the rest of you, recognize the truth in that comment.

However, that doesn't mean we don't have something valuable to add to the public discourse.

Pat, you're now experiencing what I've encountered for years on the radio. Some people resort to personal attacks when they can't debate the substance of your comments.

I've heard the naysayers throughout my entire career in talk radio. You can't imagine how many times I've been told "nobody listens to your show" as the phones are ringing off the hook.

Just keep doing what you do as well as you do. Don't respond to the naysayers, as they love the attention. Just ignore them, as I do. It drives them nuts.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm. So PP don' like bein' called a neo-con. ???

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