Now didn't I just say that?

Dave Kranz today in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:
State Rep. Casey Murschel could run for mayor of Sioux Falls, then opt later to seek a House seat in the Legislature.


Secretary of State Chris Nelson said Murschel, a Republican, could not have run for that House seat if she was successful in the April mayor's race.

But if she lost in the April 11 election, or in an April 25 mayoral runoff, she still could have filed in June as an independent for the House seat.
Now "me" from January 9th:
It's not outside of the realm of possibility to expect a legislator seeking something this chancy to be prepared to run for both. The advantage in this unique situation? The mayoral race is done when the legislative race is barely out of the starting gate. So, theoretically, it's physically possible to run for both. But is it legal?

From what I can tell on the state law end of things, I don't see it as illegal to file for both- it's just illegal to hold both at once.

Actually though, Dave contends that she would have to file as an independent for the legislature, and from my reading of the applicable statutes, I'd make the argument that she could go for the party position for Republicans on the ballot.

Read Dave here, and read me here on this topic, and maybe an attorney reading all of this out there can clarify who is correct.


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