Sorry for the lack of activity this weekend. And Chislic.

Sorry for not posting much the last couple of days, I have nearly my entire family here this weekend for my dad's 70th birthday. Out of two sisters and three brothers, only my brother in Salt Lake could not make it, so I'm doing lots of entertaining.

Sunday when the whole crew goes home, I've got a couple of posts prepared and I'm doing research on another that I might get done.

Many family members and several family friends are coming over for the soiree' tonight. To celebrate, I pulled some deer meat out to make chislic. I'll post the recipe on this post which I'll update, since there isn't an official one out there.

update -

For those of you who don't know the recipe, it's just basically deep fried cubes of meat. I cubed my venison (inch or so cubes) and mixed them with a few cloves of garlic and a little soy. After they sat for a while, they were deep fried in shortening to preference, and then lightly sprinkled with some Lawry's Seasoned Salt once out of the fryer.

I hadn't realized until I went looking for a recipe that Chislic is uniquely South Dakotan. Check out part of Wikipedia's definition:
Chislic is preparation of cubed red meat, fried or grilled, relatively unknown outside of South Dakota. The term, while non-specific to any particular meat or seasoning, generally describes wild game, mutton, or beef, deep-fried and served hot on a skewer or toothpick.
Read the whole thing here.

Since were in the middle of the legislative session, if we can name the official South Dakota dessert, the official South Dakota dirt, the official South Dakota dinosaur, the official South Dakota Flower, the official South Dakota Insect, the official South Dakota tree, the official South Dakota bird, the official South Dakota fish, the official South Dakota mineral, the official South Dakota gemstone, and the official South Dakota sport, among others - then why aren't our legislators considering recognizing another thing unique to South Dakota?

I think they should consider naming chislic the original South Dakota Appetizer. Deep fried hunks of meat with seasoning salt on it. Mmmmm.

Although trying to do so would inevitably create a contest between those who promote mutton chislic, venison chislic and beef chislic. (if you've looked at the wikipedia definition - who in the heck makes goose chislic?).

Food, folks and fun. Enjoy the weekend. I'll be back to politics soon enough.


Anonymous said…
Try pheasant chislic. Tasy.

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