Scooped Celeste on that one by about a week.

From Celeste Calvitto whom I enjoy at the Rapid City Journal (read it all here). She's reporting on something I had mentioned a little while back:
It looks as though residents of state legislative District 35 will be voting in two primaries this fall. Mark Kirkeby, vice chairman of the Pennington County Commission, said Monday that is circulating petitions to run for the House seat now held by Rep. Alice McCoy, R-Rapid City.
Now, from me exactly a week ago.
Also - 2 Republican petitions are out for the District 35 House race for the seat vacated by Alice McCoy who is leaving because of term limits to take on Senator Napoli. Mark Kirkeby and Lyle Hendrickson are both circulating a petition for the House. With Kirkeby's name ID, he might just be an early favorite.
Celeste today....
But Kirkeby predicts there will be at least four candidates.

"It's going to be a big primary," he said. "It's an open seat, and it's an opportunity, whether you have experience in government or not, to run for the state Legislature."
Me right now: Aside from Haverly, it's Hendrickson. Go read my post from a week ago. It's Lyle Hendrickson. He's circulating a petition...

Why can't they just listen to us bloggers? We know these things a week before the MSM is picking up on them. Either through good old-fashioned research (as this was), or because we have our finger on the pulse of our political parties.

Actually, I completely blew off serious blogging tonight in favor of playing "Stubbs the Zombie." I needed a break from anything serious. (Clearly no family values here tonight). Now if I could just past the hillbilly with the chain saw..


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