Thanks to the Readers. SDWC's best month ever.

I just wanted to take a brief moment and say "thanks" to everyone out there reading the South Dakota War College. As of today I hit 5000 page visits for the month (9200 page views) literally a week earlier than it's supposed to.

At this point, I'm going to have my best month for website traffic to date, and it's more than possible that I'll hit 6000 page visits for the month. January 2006 is looking like my best month ever!

So, thanks for reading. And I'll do my best to keep giving you a reason to come back here.


Anonymous said…
Offer a good blog page and the people will click!! Congratualtions, appreciate your energy and intuition. 5000 hits is your bonus and a sign of gratitude.
Douglas said…
Build a better Republican and they will beat a path to your doorstep..or something like that.

Congratulations. I just wasted a mess of time trying to get a counter to work on my site. Slow progress but "thanks for the hits" coming from your site too.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations. There is some real substance on this site.

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